Clark to remain open 24 hours, 5 days/week

New schedule begins Feb. 14


Sites said Brown Library provides a unique setting for students, and some students like it better than Clemons Library.

Celina Hu | Cavalier Daily

The Brown Science and Engineering Library in Clark Hall will be open 24 hours a day, Sunday through Thursday, beginning Feb. 14.

The change in hours is due to a new initiative recommended by Student Council to Dean of Libraries Martha Sites.

Student Council President Abraham Axler, a third-year College student, said libraries need to be open when students have midterms and other heavy study periods, something he refers to as peak hours for library traffic.

“What I think is not fully realized is that the peak times are very different depending on what your major is and what school you’re in,” Axler said. “It was almost impossible to actually suggest when the peak times were. So to keep another library [open] for 24 hours allows the library to remain a more comfortable and less crowded space.”

Axler said he believes the initiative will help students looking to customize the study experience to fit their needs.

“It’s hard to think of a scenario in which it wouldn’t help people,” Axler said. “We’ve all had times in which we have a deadline and we’ve had to get something done.”

Sites said Brown Library provides a unique setting for students, and some students like it better than Clemons Library.

“It’s a newer environment and people like that,” Sites said. “If you poll students all around Grounds, they have their favorite library. That’s the place they can study best, and different environments are good for different students.”

Guards will be working in the library from 2 a.m. to 8 a.m. to make sure the library is secure for students, Sites said.

“The way we can extend hours and do it immediately is to use a guard service, and we use that same service in our other libraries as well especially around exam time and other time,” Sites said. “There will not be librarians staffing the desk but there will be someone in the building to ensure that we have a safe environment.”

Manager of Brown Library Melissa Loggans said the new late night library operations will be similar to Clemons, with faculty, staff and students being able to enter the building by swiping their ID cards at an accessible interest during locked hours.

“We will make no changes in the automatic lock/unlock of the doors into Clark Hall — doors unlock at 7 a.m. and lock at 2 a.m. daily,” Loggans said in an email statement. “[W]e are happy to be able to provide longer study hours and a comfortable space for students.”

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