Police arrest 20 at Foxfield

Downward trend in arrests comes to end


There were seven arrests at the 2015 Foxfield, less than half than in 2014.

Marshall Bronfin | Cavalier Daily

Albemarle County Police arrested 20 people at the Foxfield Races April 30, ending a downward trend in arrests seen in recent years.

Last year there were only seven arrests. In 2014 there were 18, and in 2013 there were 33.

Madeline Curott, public information officer for the Albemarle County Police Department, said three out of the 20 people arrested were ticketed and released, while the other 17 were taken to jail.

Out of the arrests, 15 were alcohol-related, two were for possessing a fake license, one was for disorderly conduct and two were for unknown offenses.

Additionally, 28 traffic tickets were written, including one ticket for urinating in public. There was also one DUI for a man who indicated his last drink was at Foxfield.

The Daily Progress reports that 49 medical incidents occurred at Foxfield, along with seven medical incidents that necessitated emergency room visits.

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