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Top 10 things to do on Valentine's Day in Charlottesville

Whether you're in a relationship or single, there's a way for you to celebrate the holiday

<p>For only five dollars, you can pet pups and take Instagram photos to your heart’s delight.</p>

For only five dollars, you can pet pups and take Instagram photos to your heart’s delight.

1. Hike humpback

Take advantage of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains that surround Charlottesville and hike Humpback Rocks. It’s a classic activity that every University student needs to check off their bucket list. Be warned: the hike is steep, but don’t worry — you’ll have your significant other to catch you when you fall. Don’t forget to document your hike. A Snapchat story will make you look athletic, and the scenery at the top will always make the perfect, new Facebook cover photo.

2. Go see “Fifty Shades Darker”

If you’d describe yourself as a rom-com loving female, this Valentine’s Day activity could be for you. Grab your gals and some popcorn and hit up Stonefield or the Downtown Mall to enjoy this more romantic twist on the original, controversial tale. Dates are also welcome; although if your relationship hasn’t reached S&M level yet, this may raise some unwelcome inquiries.

3. Ice skating

Slide (or skate) into the DMs of your bae. Before dinner on the Downtown Mall, the Main Street Arena ice rink is the perfect place to spend your Valentine’s Day. Even if you’re a little shaky on the ice, your relationship won’t be after this date. If you’re a pro, you’ll have the opportunity to show off your most advanced moves. If you’re a beginner, you can use it as a chance for some extra handholding. It will be cold in the arena, so it will even be socially acceptable to cuddle in public. You can’t go wrong spending your Valentine’s Day at the rink.

4. Escape Room

Grab a few other couples and head to the Cville Escape Room on the Downtown Mall. Participants will have an hour to try to find their way out of a room by using a number of clues, puzzles and brainteasers. Available rooms include Fortune Teller’s Secret, Spy’s Demise, Mad Scientist’s Library and Jack the Ripper’s London.

5. Wintergreen’s “Powder of Love”

Don’t have a lover this Valentine’s Day but still want a date? Wintergreen Resort’s Blue Ridge Express becomes the “Lift to Love” in a Valentine’s Day speed dating special event. Each person will be paired up and sent up the lift with a list of conversation starters. Don’t have a good conversation? That’s okay! You’ll ski right back down the mountain and try again! If all goes well, keep skiing with your “Snow Match,” and maybe you’ll end up at dinner because of the Powder of Love.

6. Run your heart out

Want to work off all those calories from the mountains of chocolate boxes you’re receiving? Because February is American Heart Month, the Juice Place is partnering with treadHAPPY to host a 45-minute authentic, aerobic exercise class, benefiting the American Heart Association. Although it’s directed toward couples, don’t sweat it — singles are still welcome. If charity isn’t enough of an incentive to come, the Juice Place will be providing yummy snacks.

7. Go to Arch’s Frozen Yogurt

Lucky for you, Valentine’s falls on a Tuesday this year, which means a frozen yogurt date for the price of only five dollars. Whether you’re hanging with friends or there on a date, you can write all the reasons you appreciate your BF or BFF on the conveniently provided Arch’s blackboard. Who said plastic chairs and gooey brownies aren’t classy?

8. Hit a vineyard

If you can’t stop wine-ing about your lack of love, visit one of Charlottesville’s many vineyards, and you’ll be in good company. Whether you’re visiting a tasting room or buying some bottles to pop at home, there are a number of wineries and vineyards in the almost immediate area to enjoy.

9. Sign up for Love Connection

Determined to fix your current Valentine-less status? We can’t promise that you won’t be single next Valentine’s Day, but we can do our best to jump-start your romantic life. Visit The Cavalier Daily website or Love Connection Facebook Page and sign up for Love Connection. Two applicants are chosen every other week and set up on a blind date. If chosen, you could cross ‘go on a real date’ off the list of Things To Do Before You Graduate and maybe even be a Love Connection success story. Sign up yo friends, sign up yo roommates, sign up that random boy in your Spanish class that you want to be your date.

10. Puppy farm

If you’re feeling melan-collie about this hotly-debated holiday, don’t let your missing date stop you from staring at a cute face. Just an hour away — a bit of a far drive I know, but for some reason University students still seem to visit on a regular basis — lies Gap View Ranch & Kennel farm full of dogs. For only five dollars, you can pet pups and take Instagram photos to your heart’s delight.