​Engineering Student Council kicks off 'Back to the FuturE-Week'

Themed program features social, educational events


The initiative will feature both social and educational daily events, such as resume workshops, dessert parties and movie screenings.

Richard Dizon and Richard Dizon | Cavalier Daily

The Engineering Student Council is holding a weeklong program March 27-31 called Back to the FuturE-Week. Themed after the 1980s science-fiction film franchise, Back to the Future, E-Week represents another installment in the annual Engineer’s Week program, which is designed to foster unity among different majors across the Engineering School. The initiative will feature both social and educational daily events, such as resume workshops, dessert parties and movie screenings.

Naveed Tavakol, a fourth-year Engineering student and Engineering Student Council president, said he felt the yearly mission of E-Week was creating a community feel throughout the Engineering school.

“Engineer’s Week, traditionally, is kind of the week where we plan a variety of events … and work with different CIOs and different faculty and staff and interact with everyone,” Tavakol said. “We’re trying to bring this engineering community together, and each year, we usually have a theme that’s representative of these ideas.”

In discussing the importance of the theme, Tavakol said its purpose, much like that of the program, was to unify the engineering community.

“The theme is there to build upon what we already have as an engineering community and bring everyone together around a common set of general titles and events … to promote social, academic and service-related bonding among engineers,” Tavakol said.

Tavakol said internal unity in the Engineering School was “vital,” even beyond E-Week. He said every other week throughout the spring semester, the Engineering Student Council has organized mixers with the goal of bringing together students and faculty members from multiple majors to interact with one another.

Frances Morales, a third-year Engineering student and Engineering Student Council vice president, said the events planned throughout the week are diverse.

“We try to do a variety of academic and social events,” Morales said. “For academic events, we try to have resume reviews, and we try to have people come in and talk about professional school and things like that. For social events, we’re going to have balloon dart paintings … We also have different CIOs offering free food and free breakfast.”

Morales, who is also the incoming Engineering Student Council president for the 2017-18 academic year, said her plans for the future of E-Week and beyond include outreach and better event coordination.

“As president, I really want to have greater outreach,” Morales said. “Our science Olympiad event was this past Saturday, and we had E-Week this week so I felt that things were a little rushed and they could have been planned out maybe just a little bit better. Next year, I don’t want those two events so close together … As far as planning goes, it is the role of the vice president to coordinate everything, but I do want to incorporate the entire board in making decisions.”

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