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Richard Dizon

La Universidad está evaluando los costos y beneficios de ampliar el acceso a más estudiantes de DACA y a estudiantes indocumentados tras la aprobación de una nueva legislación en Virginia.
The University is evaluating the costs and benefits of expanding access to additional DACA students and undocumented students following the passage of new legislation in Virginia.
El parque de arte IX ofrece ciertos eventos para los residentes de Charlottesville, como campamentos de arte y de la naturaleza, conciertos gratuito, mercados locales en el invierno, clases semanales sobre bailando salsa, y discos en silencio.
After years of advocacy by undocumented students and allies on the national, statewide and University level — including the founding of DREAMers on Grounds in 2015 — University President Jim Ryan has expressed his verbal commitment to matriculating, providing financial aid and supporting undocu+ students.
IX Art Park offers a number of events for Charlottesville residents such as art and nature camps, free concerts, Winter farmer’s markets, weekly salsa dancing and silent discos. 
Two years ago 26.5 percent of students were accepted, last year 23.8 percent of people were accepted, and this year 20.5 percent of students were accepted.
Over the past week and a half, almost all normalcy that was once present on these Grounds has now been abandoned.
Free tuition at public colleges is affordable, equitable and will be effective at stimulating economic growth.
Despite popular assertions to the contrary, there is no evidence that considering donor status in admissions actually causes the Office of Admission to deny admission to other applicants.
If the suspension continues, Virginia athletes will not participate in upcoming NCAA championships.

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