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By the numbers: 2017 Spring semester

The editorial board recounts some notable numbers from each month of the past semester


3-2: The final vote by Charlottesville City Council to remove the Robert E. Lee statue from Lee Park

330,000: The number of dollars removing the Lee statue is estimated to cost

1.65 million: The number of dollars Saga Communications spent to buy WUVA Radio


6,800: The projected dollars spent by student government candidates based on interim expenditure reports

3,343: The actual amount spent by all student government candidates

82.5: The percent of votes received by Sarah Kenny for Student Council president

17.5: The percent of votes received by Kelsey Kilgore for Student Council president

60: The threshold for the proposed Honor Democratization amendment to pass

55: The new threshold proposed by the Honor Democratization amendment

46.6: The percent of student votes in favor of the Honor Democratization amendment


1515: The name of the new student social space on the Corner

4.9 million: The number of dollars spent renovating 1515 University Avenue

4: The number of men’s basketball players who announced they are leaving the basketball team

24: The overall acceptance rate for the Class of 2021

89: The number of countries represented by accepted applicants


164: The number of pages obtained by author Jeff Thomas’ FOIA request, which fueled allegations of a pay-for-play admissions system

324: The number of solar panels installed on the roof of Clemons Library

461: The number of days until University President Teresa Sullivan steps down

2: The number of students serving on the University’s presidential search committee

605: The number of undergraduate responses to the presidential search survey

3.6: The average percent increase for in-state tuition at Virginia public colleges and universities

2.2: The percent increase for in-state tuition at the University

3.5: The percent increase of out-of-state tuition at the University


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