​First-year dorm associations to change for renovations

Kent-Dabney, Bonnycastle dorms to temporary close for 2017-18 school year


McCormick Road dorms Bonnycastle, Kent and Dabney will be closed for renovations during the 2017-18 academic year.

Richard Dizon | Cavalier Daily

Renovations starting this summer will cause first-year dorms Kent-Dabney and Bonnycastle to be closed in the upcoming academic year. Additionally, Malone — formerly upperclassmen and transfer student housing — will be a first-year dorm.

As a result, Hancock dorm — which has been part of an association with Bonnycastle — will operate as a sole association. Malone will continue to operate within the Johnson-Malone-Weedon association.

Residence associations are designed to facilitate community within housing and residence life in regards to events and staffing. Students also elect representatives to association councils, which organize programming for the dorms.

The three first-year dorms closing mark the start of a series of renovations coming to dorms located along McCormick Road.

Jackson Nell, chair of the resident staff for Housing and Residence Life and a fourth-year College student, said the renovations will be extensive.

“[The changes include] the addition of air condition[ing], the expansion of lounge and study space, renovated bathrooms, updated lighting, new flooring and modern furniture,” Nell said in an email to The Cavalier Daily.

First-year dorms Page, Emmet, Echols and Humphrey will be closed for renovation during the 2018-19 academic year, and Lefevre, Metcalf and Hancock will be renovated in the 2019-20 academic year.

According to the HRL renovation project website, the project’s goal is to align the comfort and facilities of the McCormick Road dorms to those located on Alderman Road.

In addition to Hancock becoming its own association, Courtenay, Dunglison and Fitzhugh — currently an association of suite-style residences on Alderman Road — will move to two separate associations of Courtenay-Dunglison and Fitzhugh-Gibbons.

“As CDF will be fully staffed this coming year, we have decided to place the staff in Fitzhugh under the jurisdiction of the Gibbons [Senior Resident],” Nell said. “This is to ensure equitable staff sizes and resident populations across the Program.”

Dillard will also be reopening next academic year, having been renovated this past year, which will help accommodate the incoming first-year class in addition to Malone.

“These minor changes continue to ensure that Resident Staff is effectively serving our residential communities,” Nell said. “We consistently make sure all of our communities have the necessary staff and supervisory structures to support our residents and to foster inclusive, engaging and safe environments.”

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