Student Council President Sarah Kenny releases anti-hate statement with leaders from 46 other colleges

Remarks live streamed on Student Council Facebook page


Kenny read from a statement also signed by 46 other schools' student governments condemning hate.

Courtesy Student Council

Student Council President Sarah Kenny, a fourth-year College student, read aloud a statement on a live stream Sunday evening condemning the white supremacist rallies of Aug. 11 and 12, expressing her hope that students and leaders across the country will continue to stand up to hate. The statement presented a joint message that has been signed by 47 different student government presidents so far. 

“As we prepare to graduate from the academic institutions that have crafted our characters and molded our minds, we reflect on the significance of coming of age in a period of such substantial tumult,” the statement read. “As young adults with the privilege of remarkable educations and opportunities ahead of us, we should be as idealistic about our ability to change the world for good as we ever will be.” 

Kenny’s remarks were live streamed on the Student Council Facebook page, and the statement encouraged other student body leaders to do the same on their respective pages. Members of Kenny’s executive board stood in support as she read the statement aloud. 

“We leave you with this message in closing: institutions of higher education in the United States were designed to undergird democracy, supplying its systems with principled public servants and informed, engaged citizens,” the statement said. “As such, we demand more from the current leaders of our democracy.” 

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