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University Judiciary Committee representative endorsements

The Cavalier Daily Editorial Board endorses two candidates for both the College of Arts and Sciences and the Engineering School

<p>If elected in the upcoming University-wide spring election, UJC members will start their one-year term April 1</p>

If elected in the upcoming University-wide spring election, UJC members will start their one-year term April 1

The Cavalier Daily Editorial Board has endorsed a total of 24 candidates for this spring’s student elections. Comprised of the executive editor, editor-in-chief and three members-at-large, the Editorial Board offers commentary on local and national issues as they relate to the University community. In line with its mission, the board conducted endorsement interviews for candidates seeking election to Student Council, the Honor Committee and the University Judiciary Committee. To qualify for an endorsement, candidates were required to be running in a contested election. In addition, candidates were required to commit to a campaign spending cap as part of a campaign finance petition signed by the Editorial Board and several other student organizations. 

The board will be withholding its endorsement for Student Council President and Vice President for Administration until after The Cavalier Daily’s Student Council presidential candidates forum on Monday, Feb. 19.

This year, The Cavalier Daily Editorial Board has endorsed four candidates running for University Judiciary Committee representative. Five total candidates for the UJC positions sought endorsements from the board — two for the College of Arts and Sciences and three for the Engineering School. We have chosen to endorse Jordan Arnold and Sam Powers for the College, and Kevin Warshaw and Camille Cooper for the Engineering School. When interviewing the candidates, the Editorial Board looked for key features in each person’s platform — such as concrete policies and a thorough understanding of the intricate processes of each organization. We felt that these qualities were best embodied by these four candidates.

Both Arnold and Warshaw are incumbents, showing experience and initiative to move forward within the Executive Committee by planning on running for the position of chair. 

Arnold’s vast experiences as chair of the First Year Judiciary Committee, trial judge and present positions as UJC representative and Vice Chair for Sanctions have honed her focus into accountability with case statistics and fostering stronger relationships within the committee. If elected, she plans on creating a new vice chair position for graduate students and an educator pool reform, among other issues. 

Already a representative of the Engineering School and the current Vice Chair for First Years, Warshaw has been a part of the UJC and FYJC throughout his time at the University and plans to further his commitment to the UJC by running for a Chair position as well. Warshaw believes that the UJC’s most pressing issue is engaging with the community. He also plans to implement a diversity and engagement committee. 

Cooper similarly wants to work on the public image and outreach of the UJC, and show students that the organization is not there to be a punitive force, but instead an educational process. Cooper also served as a judge her first year and an educator in 2017, bringing knowledge of community outreach to her campaign.

Powers served as chair of the FYJC and is currently on the Executive Committee as well. He plans on pursuing the position of Vice Chair for First Years. Powers’ main goals for next year would be to increase transparency within the organization, track demographic statistics and change FYJC selections to have input from different stakeholders in the community.

All four candidates have had ample experience with the UJC, each having been involved in some way with the organization since his or her first year. They also demonstrate the initiative vital for representing their constituents within the College and the Engineering School.