Muddy Buddies offer the ultimate snacking experience

Something for all your late-night dorm room cravings


Made up of Chex cereal, chocolate, peanut butter, and powdered sugar, the Muddy Buddies recipe is easy to make from the comfort of your dorm room.

Ally Donberger | Cavalier Daily

Known as both puppy chow and Muddy Buddies, this addicting snack is my absolute weakness. The crunch of the Chex cereal and all the peanut-buttery chocolate goodness is absolute heaven. However, most recipes for this amazing treat result in a massive amount. While I’m not complaining, it is just too dangerous to have nine cups waiting around in my dorm room for me to devour.

When I received a care package earlier this year containing Muddy Buddies, I almost didn’t believe something this tasty could exist. My roommate and I demolished the two large containers in only a few days. We had to start pacing ourselves and set limits each time we had some in our room.

Muddy Buddies is also a great movie snack with friends. It is a sweet and crunchy alternative to popcorn to share, while enjoying a movie night. Make sure to have napkins handy, though, because the powdered sugar can get messy, but that’s what makes it so good.

Although an abundance of Muddy Buddies can hardly be considered a bad thing, I was never able to recreate it in my room because of the huge batch size and mess involved. Sometimes I want only a single helping of Muddy Buddies, without having the temptation of a giant container to overindulge in.

Luckily, I came across the perfect recipe for a personal serving of muddy buddies that is great to satisfy any sweet craving and just as delicious as the regular-sized recipe. It creates minimal mess and all you need is a microwave, a serving bowl and the ingredients — Rice Chex cereal, peanut butter, semisweet chocolate chips and powdered sugar.

First in the serving bowl, place one heaping — emphasis on the heaping — tablespoon of peanut butter and two and a half tablespoons of semisweet chocolate chips. Microwave the peanut butter and chocolate until completely melted. Then, drizzle a very small amount of vanilla into the melted mixture for taste and combine completely.

Once everything is melted and mixed, add one cup of Rice Chex cereal into the bowl. Mix the cereal until it is completely covered by the peanut butter and chocolate mixture. You may need to add Chex as necessary if it appears that there is too much liquid. After the Chex has been mixed in, add a little over two tablespoons of powdered sugar. I prefer my Muddy Buddies to be extra sugary, so I tend to use around three to four tablespoons for maximum sugar coverage. Once you finish covering with powder sugar, it’s time to enjoy!

This recipe is so great because it can be altered however the chef desires. I prefer a more chocolatey and peanut buttery experience out of my Muddy Buddies, so I tend to add a little more of these ingredients than the recipe calls for. You can also personalize the recipe by adding candy, pretzels or nuts to the mixture.

Another fun twist to the recipe is to add some cake batter powder to the powdered sugar. This recipe deviates from the chocolate and peanut butter recipe that I love, but if you are craving something with a sweeter vanilla flavor, then this recipe is for you. To make this recipe you will need two tablespoons vanilla cake mix, two and a half tablespoons white chocolate chips, 1 cup of Rice Chex and a tablespoon of powdered sugar. The recipe is made the same way as above — melting the white chocolate, adding cereal and then covering with the powdered sugar and cake mix.

The possibilities of Muddy Buddies are endless. The only advice I can offer now is to make at your own risk. I promise that one bite is all it takes to become addicted.

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