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Student Council passes bill approving two new CIOs

Student Council also passes resolution in support of the Housing Justice Conference

<p>Sarah Kenny, a fourth-year College Student and Student Council president, co-sponsored the Housing Justice Conference bill.</p>

Sarah Kenny, a fourth-year College Student and Student Council president, co-sponsored the Housing Justice Conference bill.

Student Council approved two new Contracted Independent Organizations at its general body meeting Tuesday. The bill granted CIO status to the Virginia Woodsmen Team and the Medical Dancers. With CIO status, these organizations can now request funding through Council and reserve meeting space on Grounds, along with other benefits. 

Tobias Addis, a second-year College student and founding member of the Virginia Woodsmen Team, addressed Council on the goals of the organization. 

“Our number one priority as an organization is to inform and educate about the importance of forestry conservation and sustainability,” Addis said. “In addition, we strive to provide the unique opportunity of participating in lumberjack and timbersports.” 

The Medical Dancers is an organization with the intent of providing a creative outlet for and exploring various dance forms with students at the University’s School of Medicine. Representatives from the group were not in attendance to comment on the organization. 

The Council also passed a resolution in support of the University of Virginia Gentrification and Housing Justice Conference. The conference will be held this Saturday and speakers will discuss the impact growing universities have on their surrounding communities. 

Sarah Kenny, fourth-year College Student, Student Council president and co-sponsor of the bill, addressed Council on the resolution. 

“Students should take ownership and responsibility over their impact, not just on their immediate neighbors in the University but on their neighbors in the City, state and country in which they live,” Kenny said. “This bill is recognizing the role and responsibility that students have to play in this conversation.”

The Council also passed a bill amending its bylaws in regards to the Rules and Ethics Committee. The amendments to the bylaws, addressed in the previous General Body Meeting, require that any member found guilty of an Honor violation be precluded from serving on the Council. The Council had previously considered whether its members should also be required to step down if found guilty of University Judiciary Committee charges, but found that such a requirement would violate the confidentiality surrounding UJC procedures.