Sydney Bradley resigns as Student Council vice president for administration, Taylor Overton appointed to the role

Bradley chose to resign due to personal reasons, according to Representative Body Chair Ellie Brasacchio


Taylor Overton (left), a second-year College student and former chief of cabinet, was appointed as the vice president for administration by Student Council president Alex Cintron (right) Tuesday night.  

Sarah Lindamood | Cavalier Daily

After serving as Student Council vice president for administration for about a month, third-year College student Sydney Bradley has resigned from the role. In an emergency piece of legislation Tuesday, Student Council President Alex Cintron, who is a third-year College student, appointed Taylor Overton, a second-year College student and former chief of cabinet, to the position. 

The role of the vice president for administration is to manage the internal affairs of Student Council and oversee all officers and committees responsible for Student Council’s finance, technology, publicity and service operations. 

Bradley decided to step down for personal reasons, according to Ellie Brasacchio, a second-year College student and chair of the Representative Body. Bradley did not attend Tuesday night’s Student Council meeting.

Shortly before the legislation was brought to the floor, Brasacchio temporarily asked all Student Council representatives and leaders, excluding Overton, to step out for a private meeting.

During this brief meeting, Brasacchio informed the Representative Body that Bradley was stepping down from the position and added that they would be voting on Cintron’s appointment of Overton to the position in the legislative session held shortly after.

During the legislative session, Cintron introduced the emergency appointment bill by addressing the general body and highlighting Overton’s success in the Cabinet. 

“Taylor has been doing a lot of administrative work already,” Cintron said. “The position is quite fitting for the work he has already been doing.”

Cintron also appointed Camila Zarate, a third-year College student, to take over for Overton as chief of cabinet. Zarate formerly served as Student Council’s director of University relations.

Cintron’s appointment was unanimously approved by the Representative Body with one abstention by proxy from third-year College student Liya Abseno. 

Correction: This article originally stated that all Student Council representatives — including president Alex Cintron and former chief of cabinet Taylor Overton — exited the meeting room Tuesday for a private discussion. However, Overton remained in the meeting room during the private discussion. 

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