A convenient location for delicious dining at Zoës Kitchen

A tasty meal is only a bus ride away


Zoës Kitchen offers a wide variety of fresh and healthy Mediterranean-style food. 

Ally Donberger | Cavalier Daily

As the spring semester draws to a close and finals wind down, my bank account has reached new levels of low. However, making it through these last few weeks surviving solely on dining hall food is simply not an option. Luckily, Zoës Kitchen is a Northline bus ride away with reasonably-priced meals that are both fresh and delicious.

My favorite meal at Zoës is the chicken salad and fruit plate for $8.99. It is so good I rarely order anything else when I go. A heaping scoop of chilled chicken salad, containing the perfect chicken to celery to mayo ratio, tops a colorful array of fresh fruits including watermelon, cantaloupe, grapes, pineapple, apples and oranges. Crisp greens form the base of this salad, as well as cucumber and tomato. Don’t worry, you can still get your carbs in — the salad is paired with three slices of soft, warm pita bread. This meal is everything you could want from a salad and more.

Zoës Greek dressing that is on each table is the perfect companion to this salad and other orders. Containing red wine vinegar, oil and seasonings, it adds just enough tanginess to the sweetness of this salad. This dressing is absolutely amazing — the more the better. And if you find yourself enjoying the dressing as much as I do, it is available to purchase at the cash register.

Zoës Kitchen offers a wide variety of fresh and healthy Mediterranean-style food. There is something for everyone who decides to dine here. Other options are bowls, kabobs, salads and grilled sandwiches or pitas. The cauliflower rice bowl for $12.59 is a popular favorite including chilled cauliflower rice, salmon — you can substitute other protein — feta and cucumbers. The steak kebabs are also another delicious choice at $12.19. The marinade used for the steak is sweet and pairs well with any of the two accompanying sides.

Speaking of sides, there are many available to order with your meal. My favorite is the potato salad. The potato salad has a vinegar base, which I prefer to mayonnaise. This has the added bonus of making the salad healthier. Other popular sides run the gamut from fresh fruit for those feeling healthier to extra pita bread for the carb-lovers and include options like pasta salad, tumeric rice and a side Greek salad.

There are many different starters to enjoy as well. Keeping with the Mediterranean theme, customers can order three different types of hummus with the warm pita bread and other veggies to dip. Lamb Kafta are lamb and beef meatballs that can be shared at the table. French baked feta can be ordered also — the feta at Zoës is always has the perfect flavor and consistency.

Zoës Kitchen offers the best of fast dining with a fresh and nutritious feel. After ordering, you are given a number and when the food is ready the waiters will bring it out to the table. The service is always fast, and I have never received cold or undercooked food. The atmosphere in the restaurant is very open and colorful, with fun music playing in the background.

Located in Barracks Road Shopping Center, it offers a convenient dining choice for both first years and upperclassmen alike. It is not a far walk from the bus stop, it can be found next to Zinburger and it is definitely worth the trip. You can also buy portions of chicken salad, fruit salad, potato salad and other items off the menu at the front. They are the perfect portions for a few lunches during the week or snacks at home.

Zoës offers a few baked treats as dessert options. The chocolate chip cookie is amazing — the cookie itself is huge, heaping with chocolate chips. It is the perfect texture of chewy and cakey, with a chocolate in every bite. It has dark and semisweet chocolate throughout, in both chunks and chips. Although a big cookie, I have been able to eat the entire thing without an issue, even after a delicious meal. A large slice of chocolate cake with chocolate frosting is another great dessert option.

Zoës has the option of ordering ahead for take-out if you’re running late or just want a quick meal to grab on the way back home. It also offers catering services for any upcoming events.

Although a part of a chain, Zoës offers a dining experience few fast dining restaurants provide. The service is always quick, and the food is never undercooked or the wrong temperature. The meals are always fresh and delicious, and cannot be found at competing restaurants such as Chick-fil-A or Chipotle. It offers a unique blend of Mediterranean cuisine that will satisfy even the pickiest of eaters.

Ally Donberger is a Food Columnist for The Cavalier Daily. She can be reached at life@cavalierdaily.com

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