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Love Connection: Ashley and Jay

Free sunglasses and a Roots bowl makes for a good date

Ashley is a first-year student in the College of Arts and Sciences.

What is your ideal date’s personality? Edgy but really sweet. Goofy and cuddly, likes alternative music 

Ideal first date activity: Go exploring somewhere or eat food and look at memes

Describe a typical weekend: Doing homework on the Lawn, going out with friends 

What makes you a good catch? Give great emotional support, I have memes, always there for people and open to try new things 

What’s your spirit animal? Cat

Describe yourself in one sentence. I may not be the prettiest girl, but I'm also not the funniest

Jay is a first-year student in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Ideal date in three words: Aquarium laser tag

Hobbies: Drums, Parkour, WUVA News, Karate, Debate

What’s your theme song? "It's Time to Party" by Andrew WK

What is your ideal date’s personality like? Funny, adventurous, clever, kind but honest, and open to trying new things

What makes you a good catch? My library of clever remarks to use

Deal breakers? If she is a metalhead or an adrenaline junkie

Why do you embody your zodiac sign?: I am self-confident and cheerful in all that I do, like the Leo.

Ashley and Jay met at Old Cabell at 5:30 p.m. and went to Roots to get food and chat.

Jay: So I met Ashley by the Rotunda, and we said, “Hi.” And there was the SpringFest going on, and we decided to take a look around. She seemed to like it, and I liked it, so it was a fun time. There were a bunch of different activities, and we got some free sunglasses … So we decided to go to the Corner, and see what was good for food.

Ashley: We ended up going to Roots and getting a bowl, and then sitting at one of those tables beside the Rotunda.

Jay: So we just sat there and talked for like 45 minutes — maybe like an hour total … We talked about where we’re from, of course, and what we’re studying, so pretty basic … We talked about our ambitions for travelling — that’s something we had in common.

Ashley: He had a camera with him, so we talked about him taking pictures and apparently being like, a photographer which is cool … We’re both new members of [the Washington Literary Society and Debating Union] that just got inducted so we’re in the same, like, new member class. 

Jay: She’s in the Washington Literary Society and Debating Union, but we never talked once so it was just kind of funny. So I think it worked out. She was a very friendly young woman. I had an enjoyable time. 

Ashley: So I had to leave right at 6:30, but yeah, I think we’ll talk more at meetings. It’s just funny because we were both like, “Oh!” because we already knew each other. And it wasn’t that much of a blind date. Part of it was awkward because he had a friend visiting that weekend, and he showed up for a little bit and it was just like, “Oh, hey!” and so I actually … talked to him a little bit.

Jay: I pretty much didn’t know anything about her before, but now I know a lot more. So it went from a stranger to a friend, basically. 

Ashley: I [would rate the date] a solid eight. Like, it was a fun time, we had our Roots bowls outside and had good conversation. I don’t know if it was like prime, like, date material in terms of like someone you’re kind of acquaintances with … But overall it was a good time, and the weather was perfect, so that’s always a plus. 

Jay: I would rate [the date] a seven out of ten because she was a very pleasant girl to hang out with even though it was more of a general conversation that I would have with most people at the University, it was still nice to meet a new person. And we’re friends so we’ll keep in touch I believe. It was somewhat generic, and I was a little upset with that. And so it didn’t really interest me as much as someone who was my dream date, for instance.

Ashley: I’d say [we will] probably [have a] friendship… because it’s the kind of thing where you, like, know somebody but you aren’t really friends with them yet. It’s hard to, like, jump from like acquaintance, even. It would be different if it was like some romantic encounter with a random person, like out in a romantic context at first … but now we’re definitely on the way to being friends.


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