Class of 2019 Giving Campaign focuses on giving more than money back to the University

Campaign centers around both donations and service to U.Va.


The Fourth Year Trustees Giving Campaign committee was stationed on the Lawn Thursday afternoon encouraging students to take two popsicles — one for themselves and another to gift to someone. 

Meagan O'Rourke | Cavalier Daily

The University's Class of 2019 launched its Giving Campaign this week, an annual tradition organized by the Fourth Year Trustees to encourage members of the outgoing class to give monetary donations to U.Va. in reflection of their time on Grounds. The Class of 2019 is hosting a series of events that promote not only donations but service initiatives among the class as part of its effort to give back to the University. 

“Previous years in the past we have only focused on donations back to the University, but this year we are focusing on service and giving back in terms of service because not everyone can afford to just give money back to the University,” fourth-year College student Surika Absar said. 

This is the first year where the Fourth Year Trustees split the committees into service and support subdivisions of the larger giving campaign. The service sector concerns itself with organizing ways in which students may give back to organizations or departments that have positively affected them, while the support division still focuses solely on monetary donations. 

Fourth-year College student Paco Abiad, Giving Campaign chair, said this week’s events to launch the campaign were for educational efforts about the campaign’s attempts to increase giving. The focus, Abiad said, is not to shy away from the monetary side of the campaign, but to do more to create a well-rounded campaign. 

“The myth that we’re trying to dispel among our class is that is that this isn’t the ‘big brother’ University soliciting more funds to go into a dean’s pocket or the new president’s pocket,” Abiad said. “It’s about you choosing both how much to give and where to give.” 

The committee was stationed on the Lawn Thursday afternoon encouraging students to take two popsicles — one for themselves and another to gift to someone. 

“To take a small portion of our day, to get a popsicle for ourselves but carry one around and give it to a stranger or a friend or classmate who needs a pick me up, we’re trying to stimulate that portion of the class Giving Campaign should and could be about for the future,” Abiad said.  

Fourth-year College student Jate Bernard participated in the popsicle tradeoff event and shared his other popsicle with his roommate. While donations can go toward any program or organization with the University the donor would like, Bernard said he is still on the fence about taking part in the rest of the campaign’s cause, citing out-of-state tuition. 

“This makes me hesitant to pay even more money to the University,” Bernard said. “But maybe I will in the future.”

The Fourth Year Trustees will continue to host events for the Giving Campaign throughout the year, including a “Beat Louisville” barbeque on the Lawn Friday ahead of Saturday’s football game. 

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