Seven U.Va. student food instagrams that you should be following

Mouth-watering, aesthetic and trendy accounts to inspire you as you eat your way through college

A student instagram account features Brazos Tacos in a post. Courtesy @cheesycece

If you didn’t post it, did you even eat it? The emergence of the “foodstagram” has provided a place for talented chefs, nutritionists and foodies to share photos or recipes. Following foodstagrams keeps me inspired with fresh new recipe ideas and up-to-date on the latest viral food trends, like rolled ice cream. Charlottesville’s restaurant scene has made Grounds the ideal place for aspiring foodstagrammers to congregate. It was difficult to narrow down my favorite student accounts, but this list provides a look at an array of approaches to college food blogging. Following these foodstagrams may or may not inspire you to try out a vegan recipe or two or give you honest reviews on new restaurants on the Corner. All, however, are guaranteed to make you hungry. 

1) @simply_radishing 

Courtesy of Kristina Colevas

This account attracts thousands of followers for the owner's commitment to sharing exclusively vegan food recipe ideas. The feed is full of smoothie bowls, revolutionary ways to eat sweet potatoes and unique plant-based snacks. It features almost entirely homemade recipes. Every post is accompanied by a list of ingredients so that followers can replicate these healthy recipes on their own. 

2)  @del_iz_cious 

Health- and wellness-focused foodstagrams are not difficult to find at the University, but this one has a unique message. This foodstagrammer encourages followers to learn how to nourish their bodies and to balance their diets with treating themselves. The account will leave you inspired and empowered not just to eat well, but to live well too. It features mostly homemade content. 

3) @cheesycece 

Courtesy of Cece Hohman

This account features photos from restaurants across Charlottesville and Richmond. The feed is a delightful collection of comfort food, brunch and dessert. The owner features almost all of Charlottesville’s classic dishes from Brazo’s tacos to the Virginian mac and cheese and will leave you craving your favorite treat-yourself dishes from Charlottesville.   

4)  @ilovenewcomb 

Courtesy of Meredith DiStasi

This account is a hilarious parody on University Dining that will have you laughing maybe also probably gagging at meals dished out on the classic red plastic plates. Surprisingly, the handle wasn’t already taken in April of last year when the posts started. The biography describes the account as, “Portrait mode meets UVA Dining. You’re welcome.” You’ll be left questioning, once again, how you possibly ate dining hall food for an entire year when you first arrived on Grounds. 

5) @eceatzz 

Courtesy of Erin Reardon

Calling all veggie lovers! This foodstagram features recipes for tons of new ways to get your daily serving of vegetables. My favorite aspect is the “scramble” posts. In these, the owner shares a photo of a new vegetable stir fry with eggs that she’s made. Every recipe is homemade and shows a unique vegetable mix, whether in stir-fry, pasta or salad form. 

6) @hugzandquichez 

Courtesy of Hannah Browne

Combining a variety of food from restaurants as well as homemade meals, this account is a place to find outrageous meals and desserts. From a fondue burger coated in melted cheese to a rainbow donut ice cream sandwich to a s’mores latte, this foodstagrammer brings followers the wildest food imaginable. Following this account is an adventure in indulgence. 

7) @yewon.eats 

Courtesy of Yewon Choi

This foodstagrammer presents a colorful feed of healthy and delicious meals. The account is updated regularly with homemade bowls, toast and healthy desserts. Every photo is a canvas of brightly colored fruits and vegetables that will make your mouth water. The healthy desserts, such as date fudge and cacao balls, encourage followers to satisfy sweet cravings with clean options. 

Whether you are searching for accounts to inspire you to eat cleaner or simply enjoy scrolling through outrageous food trends, there’s bound to be a perfect account for you that is run by a student on Grounds. These Instagrams combine a love for Charlottesville food along with the importance of nourishing your mind and body during college. 

Hailey Eaves is a Food Columnist for The Cavalier Daily. She can be reached at

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