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EDITORIAL: Honor Committee endorsements

<p>The Cavalier Daily Editorial Board endorses seven candidates for the Honor Committee.</p>

The Cavalier Daily Editorial Board endorses seven candidates for the Honor Committee.

A total of nine candidate running for the Honor Committee elections interviewed with The Cavalier Daily Editorial Board seeking endorsements for the 2019 student election cycle. Out of these candidates, four of them were from the College of Arts and Sciences, two were from the School of Engineering and Applied Science and three were from the Batten School. From the pool of candidates, the board elected to endorse Mary Beth Barksdale, Derrick Wang, Alex Spratley and Lillie Lyon from the College, Sally Greenberg from the Engineering School and Alex Blake and Harper North from the Batten School. These candidates demonstrated a profound depth of knowledge regarding issues pertaining to Honor and an ability to propose a concrete plan for the future of the organization.

From the College, Barksdale emphasized the importance of educating and engaging with the University community in order to more effectively complete the mission of Honor. Wang asserted the importance increasing transparency within the organization, including publishing attendance records and requiring contact with constituents, in addition to implementing implicit bias training more regularly. Spratley pressed the importance of establishing a mandatory “Honor Talk” for orientation of international students as well as going to computer science and math classes to discuss expectations of Honor within those classes in order to limit the instances of Honor violations. Finally, Lyon advocated for overhauling and streamlining outreach and education in addition to creating an internal organizational culture that gives individuals more agency to improve the organization.

From the Engineering School, Greenberg promoted more education within the Engineering School such as giving presentations to ENGR courses and urging professors to be direct and specific about their Honor policies.

Lastly, Blake and North are running on a joint ticket for the Batten School positions. Both expressed concerns about the apathy that many Batten students have toward Honor and supported increased engagement within the Batten community, including an Honor-sponsored “Batten Hour.”

We were very impressed by all of the candidates we endorsed and strongly believe that Honor will be in good hands if students elect these individuals next week. 

The Cavalier Daily Editorial Board is composed of the Executive Editor, the Editor-in-Chief, the two Opinion Editors and their Senior Associate. The board can be reached at

The Cavalier Daily Editorial Board offers commentary on local and national issues as they relate to the University community. In line with its mission, the board conducted endorsement interviews for candidates seeking election to Student Council, the Honor Committee and the University Judiciary Committee. To qualify for an endorsement, candidates were required to be running in a contested election. The board has endorsed a total of 18 candidates for this spring’s student elections. 

The board will be withholding its endorsement for Student Council President  until after the Cavalier Daily and University Board of Elections' Student Council presidential debate on Monday, Feb. 25.

CORRECTION: This article previously misspelled Alex Spratley’s name. It has been changed to reflect the correct spelling.