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The Jonas Brothers are back with some adult fun

“Sucker” is a tantalizing introduction to the new, amorous Jonas Brothers

<p>The Jonas Brothers have come a long way since their appearance here at the 2009 Grammy Auction.</p>

The Jonas Brothers have come a long way since their appearance here at the 2009 Grammy Auction.

The Jonas Brothers released their single, “Sucker,” in an official music video on Friday, March 1 at midnight. Their long-awaited reunion was teased in a Feb. 28 tweet on their recently active Twitter account, @jonasbrothers, showcasing “Sucker’s” album cover. The brothers celebrated this epic comeback on Twitter by recreating their iconic, “Oh, how the tables have turned” video meme, which featured a banner spelling out “Hello Again” as confetti flew through the air. 

The music video opens with a pan of a manor in the English countryside, soon revealed to be the site of a Jonas Brothers’ mansion party. The attendees of the party are their significant others — Kevin’s wife, Danielle Jonas, Nick’s wife, Priyanka Chopra and Joe Jonas’ fiancé, Sophie Turner. It is clear that this song is dedicated to their beloved guests when Nick croons, “I’m feeling heat in December when you’re around me,” hinting to his and Priyanka’s wedding date in December 2018. 

The appearance of these women throws the audience back to the “Burnin’ Up” music video when each of the brother’s love interests made a short cameo. But this time, “Sucker” portrays these women not as props, but instead as powerful and significant influences in the brothers’ lives. The brothers succumb to their desires as they confess, “I’m a sucker for all the subliminal things / No one knows about you.” 

The women seem nonchalant in this power, watching their hubbies perform from chaise lounge chairs as they sport a pouty attitude. They flaunt this authority as they complete menial chores around the mansion and its property, walking a dozen corgis and trimming hedges. When Joe tries to grab the clippers from Sophie Turner, she slaps his hand, shaming her fiancé for intervening in her work. 

The women’s power is made tangible through their extravagant costuming, complete with feather jackets, sassy sunglasses, full tulle skirts, sequined gloves and loads of gold and pearls. Chopra even dons a fuschia taffeta gown from the Giambattista Valli Spring/Summer ‘19 collection. Their puffy gowns and the vibrant colors capture the attention of the viewers amidst the grey English weather, livening up the stiff mansion with a sense of exuberance and imagination. 

As a result, the audience is reacquainted with this same sense of pure fun from the “Burnin’ Up” era — but this time with an adult twist. While the group still embraces childhood fantasies by taking part in an “Alice in Wonderland” style tea party, they introduce more more adult themes like sex — with a quick frame of Joe tied up in red rope — and alcohol. The alcohol imagery — something that never would have been encouraged during the Jonas Brothers’ previous Disney era — begins with the lyrics, when Joe admits, “I’ve been dancing on top of cars and stumbling out of bars.” Drinking becomes a central part of the video, with the group being served cocktails and the audience even observing a not-so-subtle product placement of Elit vodka.

The juxtaposition of childhood fantasy with more adult content excites fans as they too have grown up and are ready for this new era. With this song and video, the Jonas Brothers are clearly telling the world that they aren’t kids anymore.