Four people arrested at 42nd annual Foxfield Races

Twenty-eight medical calls made, including two patients transported to the hospital


Dean Allen Groves cautioned of a “significant law enforcement presence” on roads leading to and within the grounds of Foxfield. 

Courtesy Daniela Bernstein

Four arrests, all for drunk in public, were made at Saturday’s 42nd annual Foxfield Races, according to data from the Albemarle County Police Department. The arrest count marks a decrease from previous years. 

Additionally, 12 traffic-related summonses were issued at the Albemarle County horse races, which are widely attended by students and community members. 

At the event, 26 patients were treated on-site for medical issues. It is currently unknown how many of the issues treated on-site were alcohol-related. Two additional patients were transported to the hospital, one for an alcohol-related condition.

This year’s data track with a decrease in arrests over recent years. Last year, five arrests were made, including four for drunk in public and one for disorderly conduct. In 2017, five arrests were made. Twenty arrests were made in 2016, seven in 2015, 18 in 2014 and 33 in 2013. Most of the arrests made in those years were alcohol-related.

In an email sent Monday, University Dean of Students Allen Groves urged students to act safely at any large-scale events they attend during the last few weeks of the semester, including Foxfield and Virginia Beach’s concurrent “Something in the Water” festival. Groves cautioned of a “significant law enforcement presence” on roads leading to and within the grounds of Foxfield, and said officers would focus on deterring and responding to crimes and helping those in need.

“I ask you to approach any large-scale event with a clear understanding of the potential risks and a plan on how you will protect yourself and your friends,” Groves said. “In short, I want you to enjoy these remaining few weeks and make many happy memories, but I ask you to do so with an eye to personal safety as well.”      

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