University Police Chief on paid leave

The reason for Chief Tommye Sutton’s leave unclear


“I truly believe that some of those people who say we had too many cops, would be the same people who say we didn’t have enough if somebody got hurt,” Sutton said. “It’s finding the balance of really pleasing the community — giving them what they want, but also being responsible.”

Geremia Di Maro | Cavalier Daily

University Police Chief Tommye Sutton has been placed on paid leave, according to University Spokesperson Wes Hester. The reason for his leave is unclear. 

Sutton was named assistant vice president and chief of police August 2018, when he replaced interim UPD Chief Melissa Fielding. In the past, Sutton has worked in the police departments at Northwestern University, the University of Chicago and Vanderbilt University. 

The University has no other comment at this time. 

This is a developing story. 

This article has been updated to accurately state that Sutton is on paid leave. A previous version stated that Sutton had been suspended. 

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