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Thyme & Co. is worth your ‘thyme’

This casual Lebanese restaurant brings another fresh, healthy option to the Corner

<p>The chicken shawarma flatbread was perfectly crispy, and the garlic sauce mixed well with the tender chicken.</p>

The chicken shawarma flatbread was perfectly crispy, and the garlic sauce mixed well with the tender chicken.

The newly-opened Thyme & Co. is a wonderful addition to the Corner. Overall, the fast-casual Lebanese cuisine is satisfying and delicious, offering flatbreads and salads that provide unique alternatives to typical Roots orders. 


Thyme & Co. brings a new style of fast-casual Lebanese food to the Corner. The food is well-prepared, fresh and flavorful. I found the staff to be incredibly friendly and helpful as well. 

I ordered a chicken shawarma flatbread, which was listed on the chalkboard near the cash register. It came out quickly and was just the right size for lunch. The flatbread was perfectly cooked and just crispy enough along the outside. The chicken was tender and complemented the simple veggies and creamy garlic sauce quite well.  

I wanted a little more zing for my wrap, so I asked the workers for hot sauce. The man behind the counter told me they didn’t have any available, but offered to mix some chili powder with garlic sauce for me. This really brought the meal up a level, and I was impressed with the service. 

My friend ordered the flatbread with eggs and bacon and requested that they add some cheese. Her order took a bit longer to come out as they had to wait for the eggs to cook, but it looked incredible and super filling.

Thyme & Co. offers a creamy yogurt labneh dip and a hummus dip if you find yourself craving more than manousheh — flatbread — or a fresh salad. There is also the option to order a Nutella manousheh.

If you want to customize or add to your flatbread, there is an option to add vegetable toppings for $2 more. The possible toppings include fresh mint, tomatoes, olives and cucumbers.


The menu options will not break your wallet, as the priciest items are $12, and you can get a half salad or side of hummus and bread for $5.

My chicken shawarma wrap alone was $9, and my friend’s egg and bacon flatbread was $8. This is a little much for just one wrap, especially when compared to options like Roots that offers a lot more food for a similar price. 

Though it was a little expensive for the amount of food I recieved, I think it was worth it. You can’t get a delicious and authentic Lebanese wrap like this anywhere else on the Corner. 


Thyme & Co. is located right next to Arch’s and is wheelchair accessible. If you aren’t on foot, finding free parking can be a little difficult, but there is always the Corner parking garage and the Corner lot. You also may be OK parking in one of the 15-minute spots nearby. 

I went Friday afternoon during lunch time, and it wasn’t crowded. I’m sure on a busy day the food would take a little longer to prepare, since there were only three workers when I stopped in, but I was impressed with the speed and quality of my meal. Their hours are Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Thyme & Co. is also available on GrubHub and accepts the Elevate meal plan. I am certainly going to find myself ordering a wrap or salad to the library on GrubHub. 


The atmosphere inside is definitely casual. The restaurant’s main attraction is the large basalt rock oven which is visible to customers, and you can see all the flatbreads being freshly baked. I love this feature, and it fills the air with a delicious, spicy aroma. 

There is a refrigerator full of sodas, teas and water bottles for drink options. There is also a free water cooler with cups positioned on the far right corner of the bar. 

There are a few large tables for plenty to sit, chat and wait as their food is prepared. There is also a bar facing Asado with lots of stools and a few outdoor high-top tables, so you can enjoy your meal outside on a nice day.  

The staff struck up conversations with many of the customers, commenting on the food and asking how their meals tasted. The excitement from the staff made me even more enthusiastic about eating here. 

I’m happy that Thyme & Co. boasts healthy and delicious options with such friendly, helpful staff. Their Lebanese cuisine is definitely worth a try, and I will be eating there again in the near future.