Coeds invade male stronghold as two win rooms on Lawn

 As a part of The Cavalier Daily’s 130 year anniversary, we are republishing articles from our archive. This article originally ran in The Cavalier Daily March 10, 1972. 

Women will live on the Lawn next year for the first time.

Third-year College student Cynthia Goodrich and third-year Education student Ann Cowardin received rooms in the recent selection of Lawn residents, according to Housing Director Ralph Main.

Miss Goodrich and Miss Cowardin were among 51 third-year students selected out of about 200 applicants for Lawn housing.

College Students Selected

Other College students selected were deBruce Armistead, James T. Babb, Robert C. Ball, W.W. Bardenwerper, Thomas G. Bell, Joseph C. Carter, Joseph Coci, Samuel N. Crosby, Donald R. Dancer, Charles C. Deeley, Brian C. DeLaney, Ernest Dempsey, Steve W. Edwards, Michael R. Flock, William F. Garner, Kim A. Hatcher, Steve M. Johnson, Charles R. Joseph, Richard J. Kasper, Morgen F. Kelly, Edwin L. Knetzger, Timothy A. Koogle, Gaylon T. Layfield, Byrd S. Leavell, Christopher Manderleis, Gary S. McKonly, Michael C. Montavon, Albert W. Patrick, Charles G. Peerman, Ross G. Perry, C. Mark Pirrung, Robert U. Pritchard, George A. Snead, Luther G. Stiff, Robert M. Verklin, Mark F. Warner, Stephen G. Wells and Donald Wilson.

Other Lawn Residents

Also chosen were Richard C. Barrickman from the Commerce School, Gary W. Chewning and Rex E. Hickman from the Architecture School and Raymond N. Ng, Thomas R. Phillips, Freeman G. Hudson and Ted M. Pitts from the Engineering School.

Cracker Box residents will be Robert G. Byron, John R. Gaughen, Kevin J. Kingston and Randy G. Wert, all from the College.

No room assignments have yet been determined, but according to Mr. Main, tentative plans include the building of bathing facilities on the East Lawn for the women residents.

Co-education Not New

Mr. Main also said that co-education is not completely new to the Lawn area — women have resided on the West Range for the past two years with a minimum of inconvenience to all residents.

Miss Goodrich, who is senior counselor of Gwathmey House, said she was “very pleased” to have been selected.

The location of the women’s bathroom will not be a problem for the women, she explained, because rooms will be near it.

Transcribed by Nik Popli

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