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Fall recipe roundup: Take advantage of these seasonal recipes before it’s too late

All those apples you picked from Carter Mountain Orchard aren’t going to use themselves

<p>One of my favorite parts of fall are all the seasonal meals you can cook and treats you can bake.</p>

One of my favorite parts of fall are all the seasonal meals you can cook and treats you can bake.

It’s not the bitter cold of winter, the boiling heat of summer nor the sneeze-inducing pollen of spring. It’s peak fall season in Charlottesville, and it’s appeal cannot be beat — there’s beautiful scenery to bask in at the top of Humpback Rock, and local C’ville farmers markets are stocked high with fresh fall produce.

Fall means Carter Mountain Orchard’s apple cider donuts and our Instagram feeds filled with a picturesque Rotunda surrounded by vibrant, warm-colored trees. So yeah, fall is pretty great. 

But perhaps one of my favorite parts of fall are all the seasonal meals you can cook and treats you can bake. I’ve taken some time to conduct a #blastfromthepast and rounded up some of The Cavalier Daily’s very own fall recipes — mixed in with a few extra personal favorites! 

Pumpkin Bread

U.Va. alumna Sarah Brummett shared the same sentiment that fall is a great season. In her column, she wrote that she particularly loves fall food and defined herself as a “seasonal eater,” which makes fall all the more special to her. With the colder weather that fall brings, Brummett’s column had me craving soups, stews, sweet potatoes, pies, muffins and casseroles — all the fall comfort foods please! The column ends with her mom’s pumpkin bread recipe, which can also be made into muffins for a treat that is great to take on-the-go. 

Nutella Pumpkin Muffins

I actually made this recipe about a month ago for the first time, and I cannot stop making these muffins. They have changed my life. While the “pumpkin” aspect is probably the most seasonally comforting, this recipe is next-level because of the other main ingredient — Nutella. If you haven’t made them yet, what are you waiting for?

Fall Cocktails 

Mark Feinberg has the drinks covered with these recipes because we can’t forget about beverages. His article has a few selections of cocktails to choose from, but these drinks can also be made alcohol-free. Whether it’s a cocktail or a “mocktail,” these can be enjoyed by everyone! No need to keep using leftover summer mixes — you can step up your game and host your friends the classy way with Spiced Apple Cider, Pumpkin Nog or Maple Old Fashioneds cocktails. 

Apple Pie Oatmeal

I promise I didn’t forget about all those Carter Mountain apples. This timeless oatmeal recipe is perfect when topped with sauteed cinnamon apples. You can make the oatmeal recipe as described. Then, you can heat chopped apples in a pan with some coconut oil and cinnamon until they sound like they are simmering. This is one of my favorite fall breakfasts! Pro tip — add a tablespoon of pumpkin and some extra cinnamon to your oats while they cook to make this even more fall-friendly. 

Thanksgiving Sandwich

Thanksgiving food is epic. There is no arguing this, and luckily, Thanksgiving food doesn’t just have to last one day. Food columnist Hildy Maxwell has us covered with this great sandwich comprised of leftovers from Thanksgiving. But also, who said you have to wait for the holiday? You can make this sandwich starting now, and you can add your own twists. For example, you can replace gravy with mayonnaise if you don’t have access to gravy ingredients yet. Sure it might not taste like the real deal but think of it as practice, a training of sorts for when the day finally comes. 

The Ultimate Fall Salad

Humor columnist Jess Miller gave us a laugh with this salad recipe, but he definitely wasn’t wrong when he included flannel shirts, autumnal scented candles, good books and tree sap to the ingredient list! Although this recipe is more humorous than edible, it still sounds like the perfect fall recipe to me. 

With these recipes, you’re sure to kick the rest of your fall up a notch with the added bonus of using up those hand-picked apples sitting on your counter for weeks. Because real talk, even eating an apple a day can’t always use up that bounty. If you make any of these recipes, be sure to tag @del_iz_cious and @cavalierdaily on Instagram so we can see your creations.