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Love Connection: Lily and Cole

Lily and Cole met at Bodo’s Saturday at 11 a.m.

<p>Lily and Cole met at Bodo’s Saturday at 11 a.m.&nbsp;</p>

Lily and Cole met at Bodo’s Saturday at 11 a.m. 

Lily Holmes: first-year College student

Dream job: Vogue China

Ideal first-date activity: Shopping at Whole Foods

If you could describe yourself as an album title, real or imaginary, what would it be? Lily the Silly

Spirit Animal or Plant: Donkey from Shrek 

Cole Wise: first-year College student

Dream job: Franchising Croads

Ideal first-date activity: Eating Trin tenders and watching the Jaguars

If you could describe yourself as an album title, real or imaginary, what would it be?: Absolute Bops 

Spirit Animal or Plant: Lithocarpus, member of the Oak tree family 

Lily and Cole met at 11 a.m. at Bodo’s on the Corner

Lily: I was driving home [for break] around 12 p.m. and had to get my car from the Emmett/Ivy Garage, so I wanted to do something close that I could walk to and that had coffee.

Cole: We ended up deciding on Bodo’s for breakfast because she had an early Saturday morning … she had to leave on Saturday to go back for Thanksgiving, so a little bit on the earlier side. I would’ve preferred it being later, but you can’t win ’em all, you know.

Lily: He showed up late! It’s okay … he Limed there. I got there before him [and] paid for his coffee. 

Cole: She actually got there before me and got me a coffee, very kind of her. It totally lapsed in my mind, and I didn't reimburse [her] for the coffee. I was just like, “Oh, sweet,” and then we just started talking. We were too wrapped up in conversation, you know.

Lily: The line was long, so I called him and was like, “Do you want me to order for you since [the line is] long?” And he just got coffee. So it was just $2, but you know.

Cole: She was waiting for food and stuff and her coffee, and I kind of just went in and said, “Hey what’s up, good morning” and sat down because she had already reserved a spot. She was on the ball. I had to Lime over there, of course. I got stuck behind the Liberty football team. That's why I was a little bit late.

Lily: I think he thought we were going to Starbucks because of what I said in the group chat when I was like, “I'm more of a Starbucks gal.” But I never said, “Go to Starbucks.” So when I called him on the phone, he was [at Starbucks]. That's why he just got coffee [at Bodo’s], but it ended up working out because the line [at Bodo’s] was very long.

Cole: There was a little comedic miscue because I asked her to get Bodo’s, but she said “I’m more of a Starbucks girl,” so I said, “All right, that's fine too, whatever.” So I went to Starbucks and she said, “I’m here,” and I said, “OK.” So I walked to Starbucks and thought, “Where are you, are you on the second floor?” And I checked up there and she said, “I’m in Bodo’s.” So you know, I Limed from the second floor of Starbucks downstairs and flew into Bodo’s. I got there and she had already gotten me coffee which was really nice of her. That’s why we ended up only having coffee at Bodo’s.

Lily: We talked about our plans for Thanksgiving Break, our plans for winter break, plans for the wedding. Just kidding … he told me about what he wanted to do this summer because we were talking about traveling. He [is] going to Italy for winter break, and then we talked about travel plans in the summer.

Cole: [We] talked about Potomac and Episcopal, where she went to school and where I went to school. [I] found out that she’s been taking Chinese since the seventh grade, which is really cool actually, and that’s going to serve her well in the future. And we talked about traveling a lot and found a kinda common passion in that. 

Lily: He had gone out the night before, so we talked a little bit about that.

Cole: My eyes were extremely red and bloodshot because I was really tired that morning. 

Lily: I was impressed that he didn't put any milk or sugar in his coffee ... because that's how I like my coffee. But no red flags other than the fact that he Limed there. But I mean, he was running late, so I understand.

Cole: I probably should have paid for the coffee … it just kinda went over my head … it’s OK. I probably should have paid for her coffee, too. So I feel kind of bad. 

Lily: The coffee thing definitely stuck out to me. I noticed that because typically, guys put so much milk and sugar in their coffee [that it's] not even coffee. That stuck out to me. I don't know why. We talked about how he wanted to get an internship with the PGA, something like the PGA golf thing. He’s a golfer. 

Cole: There was a good friend of mine, older kid, who was in line at Bodo’s while the date was transpiring. I could see him, and Lily could not see him, and he was making a bunch of weird faces and stuff behind. So I kind of had to look at him then look at Lily and tune him out a bit. 

Lily: I called an Uber to go to the Ivy garage because that's where my car was. So that kind of gave us a good exit. It wasn't abrupt or like, “Oh, I have to go.” So it was pretty natural.

Cole: [It was] kind of like, “Have a good Thanksgiving,” and then I Limed off into the distance.

Lily: I'm glad we got to know each other, I think he's a really nice guy and a good friend to have here. And yeah, I totally would go on another date with him … if his girlfriend’s OK with it.

Cole: It was fun. I definitely would like to get to know her more. It was a good time. And I kind of owe her coffee I guess.