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The Cavalier Daily elects editors for the 131st term

Third-year College student Nik Popli elected editor-in-chief

The Cavalier Daily staff elected its incoming managing and junior boards for the 131st term Saturday.
The Cavalier Daily staff elected its incoming managing and junior boards for the 131st term Saturday.

The Cavalier Daily held elections for its 131st term on Saturday, electing third-year College student Nik Popli as editor-in-chief.

Popli, who previously served as news editor for the 130th term, will be taking over the position from fourth-year College student Gracie Kreth. Popli also served as the inaugural co-chair of The Cavalier Daily’s diversity and inclusion working group, which was created in 2019 to address staff diversity, inclusivity and coverage of multicultural issues and concerns.

He expressed his goal to make The Cavalier Daily a more inclusive and welcoming organization for students of all backgrounds to share their stories in the next term.

“We need to bring diverse perspectives not only into our newsroom but also into our stories,” Popli said. “My top priority as editor in chief is to ensure that The Cavalier Daily is more representative of the communities we cover.”

He also recognized the changing state of journalism with the rapid changes in technology and access to information in the modern day and expressed interest in leaning into these trends.

“I’m really excited about our efforts to continue promoting more interactive and digital content through our social media and online platforms — I think the On Record podcast has incredible potential,” Popli said. “Social media and video can also be really effective storytelling tools.”

Second-year College student Jenn Brice was elected to the position of managing editor in a contested election. Brice had previously served alongside Popli as news editor.

Third-year Curry student Victoria McKelvey was elected as executive editor. McKelvey’s previous experience includes working on the editorial board for the organization’s 130th term.

Second-year College student Malcolm Mashig earned the position of chief financial officer, after serving as finance manager over the previous year.

Second-year College student Ankit Agrawal was elected operations manager. Agrawal previously served as a production editor for the organization.

In addition to electing the new managing board, The Cavalier Daily also elected its junior board staff, which is comprised of the various section editors as well as operations staff.

Second-year College student Paige Waterhouse and third-year College student Ali Sullivan were elected to serve as news editors for the coming year.

Second-year College students Carolyn Lane and Abby Sacks were elected to serve as assistant managing editors for the upcoming term.

Third-year College student Emma Klein and second-year College student Ariana Gueranmayeh were selected for the position of photo editors.

First-year College student Jacquelyn Kim was selected as magazine editor, and second-year College student Maria Aguilar as translation editor.

Second-year College student Akhil Rekulapelli and third-year Commerce student Vignesh Mulay were elected as sports editors.

The opinion editors for the 131st term will be second-year College students Zachary Pasciak and Hailey Yowell.

Second-year College students Pauline Povitsky and Elise Kim were re-elected as life editors in a contested election.

First-year College student Victoria Li was selected as finance manager.

Second-year College Eshaan Sarup will serve as humor editor.

First-year College students Ethan Fingerhut and Flora Kim and first-year Engineering student Noah Holloway will serve as production editors.

Third-year College student Vyshnavi Pendala was re-elected to the position of health and science editor.

Second-year College students Angela Chen and Emma Hitchcock will serve as the graphics editors.

First-year College student Nabeel Raza will serve as the podcast editor.

First- and second-year College students Peyton Guthrie and Darryle Aldridge will serve as the social media managers.

Third-year College student Robin Schwartzkopf and second-year College student Caitlin Woodford will serve as the arts and entertainment editors, Schwartzkopf in her second term in the position.

The new term will officially begin Jan. 17.