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Tyler, The Creator surprises fans with two-song release

“BEST INTEREST” and “Group B” graces the internet with recent and unanticipated release

<p>Rapper and Producer Tyler, The Creator surprised fans on Dec. 23 with the surprise drop of two new songs.&nbsp;</p>

Rapper and Producer Tyler, The Creator surprised fans on Dec. 23 with the surprise drop of two new songs. 

Tyler, The Creator shocked his followers with the unanticipated release of two songs, “BEST INTEREST” and “Group B” Dec. 23. With one song continuing the critically acclaimed aesthetic of his 2019 album “IGOR” and the other leaning toward the roots of his older albums, respectively, the releases portray his impressive discography. Although the tracks are extremely different, the songs remain beautifully soulful and representative of the captivating, powerhouse verses common to each Tyler, The Creator production. Fans’ cries for the songs to be released on Spotify and Apple Music — the tracks are available on the artist’s YouTube, not on streaming — are accompanied by shouts of adoration for the artistry of both songs and jokes about their heart-stopping quality.

Described in the accompanying video as “a rough draft that did not make ‘IGOR,’” “BEST INTEREST” shares all the soulful characteristics and whimsical instrumentation present on the rest of the album. Jingling tones in the background and highly auto-tuned vocals build to the pounding release of Tyler’s top-notch verse, which contains lyrical wordplay such as, “I know my place, I’m the landlord / I’ll carry the weight ‘til my hands sore.” Overall, themes of rising success and playing to the ever-changing needs of a dishonest love interest are scattered throughout the track. 

Better still, this song was released in the form of a DIY video which pictures Tyler and friends riding along what seems to be a bayou, massive gators and all. On Twitter, Tyler described the track as “a song that i never got to fully finish from IGOR sessions. didnt want it to sit on a hard drive. filmed with no music, with hopes that it would sync up, a success!” A version of the video without the sound of “BEST INTEREST” is also available to die-hard fans and curious Twitter followers alike.

On the other hand, “Group B” embodies the outstanding simplicity of some of Tyler’s older single releases, such as “Peach Fuzz” and “435.” However, it is important to note that this song exists independently of “IGOR” or any of Tyler’s past albums. During its release, Tyler stated, “group b random song from last week has nothing to do with igor,” in order to clear up any confusion about its relation to the drop of “BEST INTEREST.”

“Group B” is able to stand out in this respect. By interlacing his vocals with a sample of “Bless You With My Love” by Heaven Sent & Ecstasy from 1980, he is able to perfectly highlight his masterful lyricism and create an homage to the soul icons of the recent past. His lyrics encompass his domination of the hip-hop music scene and a recent $12 million deal with Sony Pictures Television. “Pushin’ 30, but the skin say different, well / If I act my last deal, I’m prolly 12.” Tyler, The Creator fans showed their thanks for the release by commenting, “ayo,” a hundred times over on the YouTube video of “Group B,” a simple introduction commonly uttered by Tyler in the beginning of his songs or verses, as well as the second verse of this particular song.

If these tracks are any indication of further music releases, it is safe to say that fans can expect Tyler, The Creator to gain more critical acclaim and award nominations through his hard-hitting hip-hop albums and artistic proficiency in both writing lyrics and mixing, as well as frequent and sporadic releases from the generous music icon himself.