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Love Connection: Anastasia and Charlie

Anastasia and Charlie met at West Range

<p>"Hanging with Anastasia always makes me happy even in the midst of a stressful and busy time."</p>

"Hanging with Anastasia always makes me happy even in the midst of a stressful and busy time."

Anastasia Carvalhais: first-year College student

Childhood hero: Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson

Spirit animal / plant: Aloe vera plant 

If you could describe your life as a movie / album title, what would it be?: The Hangover 

Dream job: Pediatric surgeon

Charlie Hepner: first-year Engineering student

Childhood hero: Michael Phelps 

Spirit animal / plant: Dingo

If you could describe your life as a movie / album title, what would it be?: Dopamine by BØRNS

Dream job: Biomedical engineer — pharmaceutical or prosthetic development

Anastasia and Charlie met at West Range. 

Anastasia: I think it was a Wednesday, and we went to West Range. We decided on the location of the date because Charlie had to get to his computer science class, and I was near West Range. Oh wait, it was a Thursday. 

Charlie: We decided to go to West Range for our date because we went between two of my classes and wanted to go somewhere close that wasn’t a dining hall. Anastasia had also never been to West Range, so I thought it would be nice for her to try it.

Anastasia: I met Charlie in a group chat over the summer. We were really good friends before this, and we’re still really good friends now.

Charlie: Anastasia and I met in person one of my first nights here at U.Va., but we met each other through social media over the summer before we started first semester. We got to become really good friends throughout last semester.

Anastasia: We ordered at the kiosk. We had to fight somebody for a table because there were no tables, so Charlie took one side of the room and I took the other side and we waited for someone to get up so we could pounce on the tables. Once it was a failed attempt, but then the second time we got one. It was really funny because we kept walking around, and we kept going like, “So where are we going to post up for this date?” and multiple people heard us.

Charlie: We met up in the Engineering school because we got out of class at the same time and both had class in the engineering school. We walked and talked our way through the rain to West Range, ordered our food and secured a table. 

Anastasia: We talked a lot about skiing and snowboarding because he’s [on the Virginia Alpine Ski and Snowboard Team], and [we talked about] swimming because he had a swim meet recently.

Charlie: During our date we mostly just caught up with each other since we haven’t gotten to hang out in a while since we’ve both been pretty busy. I told her about how I’m racing with VASST and explained how all of that works more in depth. She told me about the medical fraternity she recently joined and how she’s trying to start shadowing doctors at the hospital. We talked about our spring break plans, our classes, stuff like that.

Anastasia: We talked about our classes and honestly just caught up because we hadn’t seen each other in so long.

Charlie: After we ate we walked outside and it was nice out, we took a picture and said our goodbyes.

Anastasia: I didn’t expect him to be such a bad conversationalist. I’m just kidding. He was really good. 

Charlie: Fun fact, she sprained her ankle the other weekend … [she] was wearing a boot shoe thing.

Anastasia: I realized he had gotten tea and been drinking it, but he hadn’t realized that there was sugar for the tea to make it sweet tea right by the tea maker. So on the way out I put a little bit of the cane sugar in what I was drinking and he looks at me and he’s like, “I never even knew that was there” so he had just been drinking nasty [unsweetened] tea the whole entire time. So, he’s not very observant clearly.

Charlie: She dropped a salt shaker, and I’m pretty sure she left her water bottle at West Range.

Anastasia: I left my water bottle [at] West Range. We took a cute photo. It was a good time, we had a good time.

Charlie: Overall impression, 11 out of 10 gal. That date made my day, brightened it from a rainy day to a sunny one.

Anastasia: I would say [Charlie is] hectic … we’re both very hectic individuals. I had my broken foot, he had all of his jokes, it was a good time.

Charlie: Hanging with Anastasia always makes me happy even in the midst of a stressful and busy time.

Anastasia: I would go on another date platonically with Charlie. I honestly think going on dates with your friends is really helpful for the relationship. I would highly recommend that you take your friends out for dates. It’s healthy.

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