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Student Council passes three bills to approve new CIOs, amend Student Activities Fee Guidelines and approve Membership and Outreach Chair appointment

Each bill passes with 19 yeas and one abstention after being tabled last week

<p>The three new student organizations British student association, HoosTalking and TAMID were approved for CIO-status.&nbsp;</p>

The three new student organizations British student association, HoosTalking and TAMID were approved for CIO-status. 

Student Council passed a bill to approve newly contracted CIOs, a bill to amend the Student Activities Fee guidelines and a bill to approve an appointment made by the Vice President for Administration last night during the Student Council General Body meeting. After postponing the vote during last week’s General Body meeting due to lack of Representative attendance, each bill passed with 19 yeas and one abstention.

SB20-07: A Bill to Approve Newly Contracted CIOs approved three new student organizations for CIO-status. These organizations were the British Student Association, HoosTalking and TAMID.

The major benefits of organizations gaining CIO-status are that it allows groups to apply for Student Council funding, participate in the Student Council Activities Fairs at the beginning of each semester and reserve spaces in rooms on Grounds. 

To meet the requirements of applying for CIO-status, groups must have a minimum of 10 members — over half of which must be students — as well as have a president and chief financial officer. The groups must also have signed a Contracted Independent Organization Agreement, a non-discriminatory policy and demonstrated sustainability through a proposed business plan.

SB20-08: A Bill to Amend the Student Activities Fee Guidelines reworded various sections of the Student Activities Fee Guidelines, clarifying ambiguous language.

“It's pretty comprehensive, but it doesn't make any major changes that we haven't been doing,” said Shefalika Prasad, a third-year College student and vice president for organizations. “It just makes it very concrete so that students can actually read it.”

One of the changes to the guidelines consisted of clarifying funding for gas mileage during student trips.

“So specifically like, people were wondering if funding was round trip or not, on trips for gas mileage — and it is round trip. So we just specified that in wording,” Prasad said. “We're just slowly trying to rework that set of guidelines to make sure that it’s really clear.”

SB20-09: A Bill to Approve an Appointment Made by the Vice President for Administration approved Mary DeSimone, a second-year Engineering student, as the new chair of membership and outreach. Membership and Outreach is a committee within the administrative branch of the Student Council that deals with outreach to the University community and membership within the Student Council.

“The application closed a while ago, but because we didn't have quorum last week, it had to

be tabled. But it just passed, and I'm really excited to work with her,” said Ellen Yates, a third-year in the College and vice president of administration who sponsored the bill.