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Adair Reid

Despite miffed students, tour statistics show the season is off to a strong start.

U.Va. “Tourapocalypse”

Spring is a beautiful time for Guides to go on the offensive and really highlight the beauty of Grounds from the pollen-caked sidewalks to the lovely-smelling new mulch.

Christmas Claymation Characters — Hoo-ified

With their hosts of weird characters and specific nostalgia that can only be described as “Christmas if it actually snowed in December,” these shows have made their mark on the holiday season — but like all things on Earth, they don’t matter unless they can be applied to U.Va. students. Obviously. 

2-6 Football Record a Ritual Sacrifice to ACC Commissioner

Facing pressure from outraged alumni commenting on every Virginia-sports-affiliated social media account and despondent students, Coach Tony Elliot finally let it slip — the record is actually a ritual sacrifice to ACC commissioner James J. Phillips.

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