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Quarantine, but make it fashion

The fashion floodgates are open, and everything is fair game — from PJs to prom dresses

<p>Bring the feeling of Miami Fashion Week to your very own home with your unique quarantine style.</p>

Bring the feeling of Miami Fashion Week to your very own home with your unique quarantine style.

There are no rules when it comes to fashion, especially when dressing for quarantine. To start simple — pants? Who needs ‘em? Wearing clothing at all is optional when in the comfort of your own home — just make sure your Zoom video is off! But really, quarantine, despite its constrictive qualities, presents us with a unique opportunity to express ourselves through clothing. The fashion floodgates are open, and everything is fair game — anything from PJs to prom dresses.

This being said, motivating yourself to put on a fresh outfit just to move from your bed to the living room couch is hard. If it’s a sweatpants and oversized t-shirt kind of day, then so be it. However, if you once relished your morning ritual of piecing together an outfit and putting on winged eyeliner, don’t let quarantine get you down! Think about it this way — if there was ever a time to challenge your personal style, it is now. Step out of your comfort zone and experiment while the stakes are low. 

The first step of experimentation is to take the time to go through your closet. Try everything on and shop your own wardrobe — get on this quick, before you’re trapped in an online shopping black hole. Everyone has at least one item of clothing or accessory that they love but have never worn. It could be the oversized blazer you thrifted last year with the hopes of mastering menswear, or the midi dress that was too perfect to pass up and therefore must be “saved” for the right occasion. Maybe it’s the beret you bought after a long and detailed daydream about your future New York City life but have yet to wear because it’s too “extra” for class. Whatever the item is, and whatever your reason for not wearing it, put it on!

Shamelessly queue up “Vogue” by Madonna and have yourself a fashion show. Mix patterns, try out a new trend or pair two unexpected pieces together — just have fun with it. If you want to take things a step further, go editorial with your makeup. Recreate your favorite look from Euphoria or actually follow along with one of the tutorials you have been binging on the Instagram explore page. Be bold! When it’s finally time to re-enter society, you will have a stockpile of stylin’ new outfits ready to go.

Yet another unexpectedly fashionable benefit of quarantine is the elimination of seasonal fashion rules — if you still followed them. No one will know if you wear white before Easter or denim shorts while the trees are still bare. Conversely, those purple corduroy flares that fit so perfectly that they are now among your most prized possessions but are unfortunately too “wintery” to wear past February — pull them back out. There is no need to retire your fall and winter favorites when it’s still a comfortable 70 degrees in your bedroom!

As for the two-piece set you bought pre-coronavirus strictly for darty season, take sufficient time to mourn your loss. You labored for weeks stalking the Free People sale section for that find — a moment of silence is needed. However, once that moment has passed, tighten the straps of your platform espadrilles and create your own two-piece set worthy occasion. Rock that baby to the kitchen table for a wholesome family brunch. Or, if you’re craving solidarity, schedule a Zoom call with your friends, set your background to your most scenic Mad Bowl pic and virtually darty your heart out.  


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