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Top 10 ways to procrastinate studying for finals — quarantine edition

Nobody wants to study for finals, and now we have the best chance to procrastinate doing so

<p>You can procrastinate by filming a TikTok.</p>

You can procrastinate by filming a TikTok.

1. Reorganize your room

Spending all of your time locked in your room can make your cabin fever even worse. If you are feeling tired of your space, try re-organizing your space and moving things around. You can even print photos or quotes from the Internet to feel better every time you look at your wall. All the work you’ll eventually have to do will not seem as bad if you are in a more pleasing environment. 

2. Game with friends 

Since coming home from Grounds, I started to play my favorite game from middle school — Minecraft. Since then, I’ve connected with other students in the U.Va. Minecraft server and built a statue of Bonny Cat with my roommate. With your game of choice, hop on your favorite video or voice chat service with your friends and have fun being gamers together. 

3. Go on a walk

Getting some fresh air is a great way to calm down when finals get too stressful. Find some social-distancing friendly hiking trails or paths in your area to take a breather. You can use this time to listen to podcasts or even get some exercise in. If you don’t have any places to enjoy nature, you can get the same effect by sitting on your porch or chilling in your yard. You’d be surprised by how much reading “Harry Potter” outdoors can do for your mental health. 

4. Zoom “study sessions” 

We’ve all been there — you organize a study group with your friends and end up getting nothing done. It happens. Still, these meetings can be fun and take your mind off of the impending doom that is finals. Unfortunately, we are unable to occupy Clem 2 during the early hours of the morning, so instead opt for a Zoom session. You’ll get to catch up with your classmates, and you might even get a small amount of work done. 

5. Learn TikTok dances 

We all laughed when TikTok became a trend. Who’s laughing now? If you have been wasting time on this addicting app as much as I have, you might have come across some interesting dance trends that you are not brave enough to try. Whether it’s for simple fun or to create your own videos, learning one of these dances leaves you feeling energetic and accomplished. 

6. Browse Amazon

For someone who rarely buys stuff there, I spend a lot of time scrolling through decorations, clothes and kitchen items on Amazon. You’ll find the most unique and creative items while doing so and will even run across items that will actually improve your life. Scroll through your favorite apartment and be amazed by what products you never knew you needed. Make sure to just save those newfound items for later though, as ordering non-essential items can back up shipping lines for those who need them.

7. Bake 

Now that everyone is home, there is a surge in videos and blogs featuring interesting recipes to try when stuck at home. It’s the best activity since it’s simple and ends with a delicious treat. Try making the trendy dalgona whipped coffee or even sticking to the simple, yet amazing, chocolate chip cookie. 

8. Binge-watch shows 

Many streaming services are adding shows and movies to their streaming service simply due to COVID-19. Whether it’s “Frozen 2” on Disney+ or the corona-famous “Tiger King” on Netflix, enjoy the downtime you may never get again by rewatching old favorites or trying a new show. Watch a series from a genre you’d normally steer away from or check out that obscure documentary you added to your watch list a few months ago.

9. Nap

We have all probably spent too much time sleeping during quarantine, but it’s most likely because our bodies are desperately trying to catch up on the years of sleep deprivation from school. And rest is key to keeping your body healthy, so don’t feel too bad about that nap and rest up. 

10. Try new hobbies 

Now that I am stuck in a house with all the instruments I bought but never learned to play, I have the sudden urge to learn new skills while also having fun. There are websites such as Fender that are offering free guitar lessons, or you can search YouTube for a whole heap of Bob Ross tutorials that will please your inner creativity. If you are having trouble finding a hobby to try, check out the article “Top 10 at-home hobbies to try while stuck inside” for some ideas.