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EDITORIAL: Elect UJC representatives working toward a fairer system

The Cavalier Daily Editorial Board endorses four candidates for University Judiciary Committee representative

The Editorial Board is endorsing Madeline Frank Lauren Kim, Slade Sinak and Adam Younger.
The Editorial Board is endorsing Madeline Frank Lauren Kim, Slade Sinak and Adam Younger.

This year, The Cavalier Daily Editorial Board endorses four candidates running for University Judiciary Committee representative. We are endorsing three from the College of Arts and Sciences — second-year Madeleine Frank and incumbent third-years Lauren Kim and Slade Sinak — along with Adam Younger from the School of Law. All of these candidates demonstrated strong institutional knowledge and presented bold, progressive platforms that we believe will serve to create a fairer and more just forum for student accountability.

Regarding UJC representative candidates from the College, all of the candidates we are endorsing this cycle discussed clear initiatives with respect to the changes they hope to implement in the Committee. 

Although currently not a part of UJC, Madeleine Frank identified issues of transparency and poor communication with students on Grounds and the wider Charlottesville community. If elected, she plans to push for increased diversity within the support officer pool and to release more statistics concerning adjudicated cases. Additionally, Frank also hopes to reform the reporting process for violations that occur within Greek life to avoid many of the issues that were on full display earlier this semester, as UJC saw an increased caseload due to COVID-19 policy enforcement.

Lauren Kim emphasized in her platform a holistic approach to sanctioning students. As the Committee’s vice chair for sanctions, Kim is working to implement a streamlined process for adjudicating cases in light of COVID-19. If reelected, Kim hopes to adopt further reform measures including the addition of mental health resources for accused students and counselors, as well as increased outreach and engagement with the wider University community.

Sinak, also an incumbent representative, spoke to issues of prejudice within UJC cases. As the vice chair of trials, he implemented a formal program for bias mitigation and has stressed the importance of empathic listening. If reelected, Sinak plans to run for Chair internally and hopes to use this position to uplift the voices of those he represents. Sinak understands the system, and his vision provides one that will ensure UJC moves toward a more equitable future. 

Seeking to represent his peers in the School of Law, Adam Younger brings to the table a wealth of experience and insight. During his time as an undergraduate at Case Western Reserve University, Younger was the chair of the Student Conduct Board. In addition, he is also a graduate of the Robert F. Wagner School of Public Service at New York University and has recently been tapped to serve as a judicial intern with the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York. If elected, Younger hopes to empower victims, particularly as it relates to matters of sexual misconduct.

As a Board, we strongly believe that all of the candidates we are endorsing exemplify the University’s dedication to leadership and student self-governance and, if elected, would work to make the University Judiciary Committee a more equitable and just forum for student accountability.