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A playlist to make your Valentine’s Day lovely

The right music will keep anyone in touch with their emotions on the day that celebrates love, regardless of relationship status

<p>This playlist would not be complete without a heartfelt ballad one can sing their heart out to.</p>

This playlist would not be complete without a heartfelt ballad one can sing their heart out to.

With such a variety of emotions one may be feeling on Valentine’s Day — whether that be exhilaration, frustration, heartache, abandonment, nostalgia or empowerment –— this playlist includes music curated to a wide range of situations and is sure to have a song for you. Take a trip through the stages of a relationship — the frustration of working out your feelings, falling in love, the honeymoon phase, the breakup and beyond. 

“The Kiss of Venus” by Paul McCartney and Dominic Fike

The feeling of being in love is hard to put into words. However, “The Kiss of Venus” comes close to the chaos of that feeling with a fun, eccentric beat backing up Fike’s vocals. This R&B rendition of McCartney’s song describes the near-euphoric feeling of being “on the go” from not only being with someone who “scored a bullseye,” but also from the livelihood of everything the world has to offer.

“Lovers Rock” by TV Girl

In this sultry reggae song, TV Girl sings about meeting someone at a party and spending the rest of the night becoming mesmerized by that person. The old-school instrumentation beautifully complements the sensitive lyrics to perfectly encapsulate the vulnerability of new romance and the allure of that special someone.

“Kill the Director” by The Wombats

For those who are so frustrated with and confused by their own romantic feelings that they just want them to end, this is the perfect song. The rock band vents the exasperating sides of love into the melody and lyrics, singing “So with the angst of a teenage band / Here's another song about a gender I’ll never understand.”

“Alone” by Heart

This playlist would not be complete without a heartfelt ballad one can sing their heart out to. With Heart putting so much soul into “Alone,” this one is for those who love and want a person so badly it hurts not to be alone with them. 

“Stargazing” by The Neighborhood

Sharing new love with someone special is an exciting, ardent feeling. The Neighborhood perfectly captures the feeling of that honeymoon phase in “Stargazing” through a poppy beat and enthusiastic lyrics on how their relationship “started with a spark, now we’re on fire.”

“7PM” by Lilacs., and Lizzy McAlpine

While relationships can be fulfilling, they can also make one feel distant and speculative. This song is for those who are having doubts about whether their love is mutual and need confirmation from their partner — “I’m just so far away it’s easy to lose it / So tell me you’re mine.”

“Sweet” by Cigarrettes After Sex

Cigarettes After Sex describes a kind of love that, like the song’s mellow tone and tempo, is stripped down and raw. The fittingly “Sweet” lyrics make it clear that the two people in the song have been in love for a long time, so long that they are confident and comfortable in one another’s feelings — “It’s so sweet, knowing that you love me / Though we don’t need to say it to each other.”

“Kids Again” by Artist Vs. Poet

When it lasts through many stages of life, love can have nostalgic aspects. Sung from both a female and male perspective of a relationship, “Kids Again” reflects on the endearing parts of a relationship with someone you’ve been with for a long time.

“Your Best Friend” by Boyish

The melancholy alternative indie song by Boyish balances youthful optimism with adult realism as she reflects on a past relationship and the different paths they both took. The coming-of-age themes will resonate with those who often reflect on the past as someone who has matured since then.

“Make Me Your Queen” by Declan McKenna

Unrequited love can be bittersweet. McKenna sings about the heartache behind not meaning as much to the person he loves, the perfect track for those who still long for the reciprocation of their feelings.

“Water Fountain” by Alec Benjamin

While frustrating, seeing the one you love with someone else may be wistful. Whether you still like that person or not, Benjamin’s comforting voice will sympathize with any regret you may have through the poetic and melodramatic narrative of “Water Fountain”. 

“All Too Well (10 Minute Version) (Taylor’s Version)” by Taylor Swift

In the extended rerecording of this masterpiece, Swift — whom this playlist would not be complete without — creates a heart-wrenching love story and breakup anthem. The intricate storytelling and detailed lyrics ranging from a scarf left in a drawer to dancing in refrigerator lights make “All Too Well” a perfect song for the playlist and also arguably one of the best songs Swift has written.

“Better By Myself” by Hey Violet

Leaving a toxic relationship is a liberating experience. Listening to Hey Violet continuously reiterate and melodically sing “I’m better by myself” in their upbeat tune of relief and solitude is a reminder — to those who need it — that self-love is equally as important as love for others.

“Sorry” by Beyoncé

Finally, for those who want to feel empowerment on Valentine's Day, delivered by none other than Beyoncé, “Sorry” is unapologetically energetic and dynamic. Beyoncé sings about celebrating herself after leaving someone who was not loyal and proclaims a powerful message to not look back.