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dhruv’s “rapunzel” is a fresh addition to bedroom pop

The eight-track debut EP features themes of love, loss and personal growth

Though dhruv is a newcomer to bedroom pop, he’s proved to be a talented young artist with a fresh perspective to share with the world. 

dhruv, a 22-year-old Singaporean-British singer-songwriter, first received mainstream attention  after independently releasing his debut single “double take” in 2019. The song went viral on TikTok and Spotify and launched dhruv into the spotlight. Nearly three years after releasing “double take,” dhruv released a new EP, “rapunzel,” on Jan. 21, which is his first cohesive project. 

dhruv calls “rapunzel” a “scrapbook” of his life during important years of personal growth, and returning back to a “least inhibited and truest” self. 

His eight-track long debut EP “rapunzel” is a cohesive and personal record that sees dhruv opening up about love, loss and personal growth.   

One of the strongest moments on the EP is “moonlight,” which sets the romantic, intimate mood for the album. dhruv’s voice sounds smooth and calming on this dreamy bedroom-pop track as he sings about falling in love for the first time and experiencing young love under the moonlight. The chill instrumentation has R&B and pop influences that make “moonlight” a relaxing and relatable song. 

The most well-known song on dhruv’s EP is “double take,” during which dhruv sings about falling in love with his friend and the emotional whirlwind he feels in the process.

“double take” is an atmospheric R&B influenced track that also tells the story of finding love as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, amplifying the beautiful message of love and inclusivity on the track. “double take” stands out among the rest of the songs on the project because of this message and emotional vulnerability.  

Another memorable track is “airplane thoughts.” The track showcases dhruv’s vocal talent as he muses about longing for a lover, though knowing that he won’t see them ever again.

“airplane thoughts” is an incredibly deep and personal moment on the EP, and shows that dhruv is able to be authentic and vulnerable in his songwriting and bravely share it with the world. 

“what’s wrong with me?” is one of three previously unreleased tracks on the EP. Yet another song where dhruv’s vocal talent shines, he sings about having a “perfect” boyfriend, but misses the chase and excitement of a past relationship. It shows him being open about love, his own insecurities and anxieties in a relationship, making it an extremely vulnerable moment on “rapunzel.”

The EP’s closing track, “grateful,” is a lo-fi, breezy song that ends the album on a reflective and positive note. dhruv sings about being grateful for everything in his life, including love. His lyrics shine here — dhruv reflects on how his experiences of love and loss have shaped him into the person that he is today, and that he wouldn’t change that person. The fact that he is able to share such a mature perspective on life through his music shows his talent. “grateful” examines dhruv’s versatility as an artist, as he sings about both love and introspective matters like self-development and change in mindset.

dhruv’s “rapunzel” is a standout EP for 2022, and it is clear that dhruv has a bright future ahead of him. His ability to openly speak about relatable human experiences and emotions in his songs make him a wonderful songwriter and an inspiration for other up-and-coming artists to do the same. dhruv is a true talent in bedroom pop, and is definitely an artist to watch for in 2022.