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Top 10 Galentine’s day ideas

Galentine's day exists to appreciate your friends — here are some ways to celebrate

<p>Find your soulmate with our Love Connection writers</p>

Find your soulmate with our Love Connection writers


1. Try a new restaurant 

Charlottesville is full of a lot of different places to eat, so why not take the opportunity to try some food with your friends? Try going to a restaurant that you have been wanting to go to for a while and you just might have a new favorite place to eat. I am personally partial to the Villa Diner on Emmet St. and Guadalajara for some cheap to mid-range prices. You can even get dressed up and use the day as an excuse to splurge on a fancy meal you couldn’t otherwise justify spending money on. If you’re able to splurge, then you can check out Bizou or The Melting Pot downtown. 

2. Edit each other’s dating profiles

Nobody’s perfect —and that goes for dating profiles as well. Whether your friend does not have the right pictures or their bio could use some editing, another person’s opinion is always helpful in ensuring your profile will get plenty of swipes. You can do a photoshoot so they have more picture options and even pick the right filter for each one. If you get bored, you can go on Hinge and listen to the new voice prompts feature for some funny answers. 

3. Watch your favorite romantic movies

While watching a romantic movie may not seem like the best way to spend Valentine’s Day alone, watching movies you know well and reminiscing about cute love interests can be really fun. Whether you like “Pride and Prejudice,” “Twilight” or “10 Things I Hate About You,” put on that movie that you know all too well and enjoy what you love so much about it. If the movies are cliche and cheesy, then that’s even better. Laugh at all the bad acting and point out all the plot holes for an entertaining night. 

4. Have a study session 

I have to include one practical item on this list. If you celebrate Galentine’s Day on Feb. 13, then it will fall on a Sunday, while if you celebrate on Feb. 14, it will be on a Monday. We don’t always have time to do nothing, especially at the beginning of the week. Meet your gals in your favorite library or academic building to make homework and studying more bearable. You can even eat some candy for every finished assignment to keep yourselves motivated. 

5. Talk about potential lovers 

Gossiping about the people in your discussion section that you have a crush on or that one Bumble match that you really hit things off with can be really exciting. I know I love to hear about every detail of my friends’ love lives, from looking at their potential significant other’s social media to going over how a date went. This is also the perfect time to plan how you might ask someone out or brainstorm ways to message someone on dating apps. 

6. Make desserts

For me, the best part of Valentine’s Day is the baked goods. Gather your friends into whoever’s place has the best kitchen and make whatever dessert your heart desires. Chocolate-covered strawberries, cupcakes and cookies are easy to make and hard to mess up. You can try this recipe for heart-shaped Lizner cookies or if you’re feeling really adventurous, you make molten chocolate lava cake. Even if you make too much for you to eat that day, you can always take the leftovers home to enjoy throughout the week. 

7. Have a spa day

The first thing many of us think about when we hear “Girl’s Night” is slathering on clay face masks, painting nails and taking the time to pamper yourself. Try looking at videos online for at-home facials and other spa services you can DIY. Here is an example of an at-home facial that is recommended by a skin care expert. If all else fails, a good sheet mask and cup of tea will do the trick. This can also double as a self-care activity to wind down before the week gets too busy. 

8. Do a karaoke night 

Who doesn’t love signing your favorite songs with your friends? Whether you want to sing cute love songs or scream the lyrics to breakup songs, you can always find karaoke versions of whatever your heart desires. I personally recommend Taylor Swift songs. I know I’ll be screaming the lyrics to the 10-minute version of  “All Too Well” and “Dear John” with my friends whenever the opportunity arises. When it comes to love songs, the early 2000s don’t disappoint with songs like “She Will Be Loved” by Maroon 5 and “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz. 

9. Make grade school-style valentines 

We all remember elementary school, when we bought those little paper valentines that came with candy or stickers, and how much fun it was to make them. You can get these valentines at a dollar store or drugstore, or even make your own from memes online. While it may not have the same effect as it did in elementary school, it can still be fun and nostalgic. Or, if you are on a budget, you can raid grocery stores for the on-sale Valentine’s Day treats Feb. 15.

10. Take time to appreciate your friends 

It can be really easy to focus on being single or not getting to spend Valentine’s Day the way you want with your partner. While this is valid, it can also help to remember and appreciate the people you have in your life. Remember that love comes in many forms and platonic love is just as fulfilling and special as romantic love. Take the opportunity to show how much you love your gals and pals this Valentine’s Day.