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Top 10 Wordle Alternatives

Wordle is fun but you can only solve it once a day — here are some great alternatives


1. Quordle 

While this might sound crazy, solving four Wordles at once is actually a lot of fun. Quordle gives you nine chances to guess four words simultaneously. I promise, it’s not as hard as it sounds and is actually really engaging. You use the same guesses for the four different words and receive feedback on which letters are in the words and if they’re in the correct position, just like regular Wordle. The goal is to solve all four different words before you go through all nine tries. The site even lets you copy and paste emoji results to put on your Twitter or text your friends. 

2. Lewdle

If you have a childish sense of humor, then Lewdle is perfect for you. It is basically Wordle but with swears or other lewd words — the Not Safe For Work Wordle, as I like to call it. It is actually quite challenging and fun trying to come up with more five-letter words to try. Still, I would not recommend looking up clues for the answer without Incognito Mode. While the site does have issues recognizing words that you would think would be in the site’s dictionary, the creators have been making changes and adding new words to the dictionary so the game can be more enjoyable. 

3. New York Times Mini Crossword 

While opinions of the New York Times are varied regarding its purchase of Wordle, I think most people can agree that their mini crossword is fun. This 5x5 crossword is small enough to not be too overwhelming, but complex enough to provide a challenge. And, unlike what the New York Times will probably do to Wordle in the future, this game is not hidden behind a paywall such as Spelling Bee and Letter Boxed

4. Taylordle 

If you’re a Swiftie, then you should check out Taylordle, where you guess words related to Taylor Swift’s albums and songs. I know since “Red (Taylor’s Version)” has been released, many of us college students have rediscovered our love for her old music, so this game is a great source of nostalgia. If you would like to become a “Better Man” and escape from your “Treacherous” life, then try this puzzle game until you know it “All Too Well.” 

5. Nerdle 

If you enjoy number puzzles — Nerdle is for you. It’s a guessing game like Wordle, but instead of letters and words it employs numbers and equations. To play the game, you guess a mathematical equation and get told if the number or operation is in the puzzle or not, along with whether or not the location is correct. While I am not a big math person, the game is similar enough to other number puzzles, such as the middle school favorite "24,” that I find myself enjoying trying to find the right math equation. Even if you think it would not work out for you, give it a shot. I have certainly enjoyed it more than I thought I would. 

6. Sudoku

I have been an avid Sudoku person since I was playing it on my mother’s iPhone three eons ago. Especially if Nerdle was really fun for you, then you should try out this classic puzzle. While it is not new and does not involve words, it uses the same concept of using logic and process of elimination to fill in the puzzle. You can do the daily puzzle version on the Washington Post website, or play unlimited on apps such as Easybrain’s Sudoku. Many apps also allow you to choose your difficulty setting, which is a bonus for those who need something more laidback and for those looking for a challenge. 

7. Worldle

One stereotype about Americans is how little we know about geography, so Worldle is a great way to brush up on your knowledge. You are shown the outline of a country and after guessing the country name, you get told how far away and from which direction you are from the target country. If you already know your countries well enough, you can choose to have the country’s outline randomly rotated or only guess the country based on cardinal directions without a visual of its shape.

8. Absurdle

If none of these options are hard enough for you, then you need to check out Absurdle. This game is infuriatingly hard as it uses AI to constantly change the answer, forcing you to beat the computer in narrowing it down to one word. Since the answer changes after every guess of a letter, you can play it multiple times and increase your guessing skills. Plus, nothing can match the satisfying feeling of finally beating the impossible game. 

9. Nonogram

While this game does not include numbers, it is still a fun game of using the little clues given to you to fill out the puzzle. It can be hard to follow at first, but once you figure out the rules, it is a lot of fun. Basically, you are given a grid and each column and row will have numbers that clue you in to the number of grid spaces that should be filled. Using the process of elimination, you complete the puzzle by filling in the grid spaces correctly. There are many apps that allow you to work through levels and show the grids making different designs, such as Luna Story and Sky Castle

10. Wordle Unlimited

If you love basic Wordle and just want more of it, then Wordle Unlimited is perfect. This website lets you play Wordle however many times you want in the day, which is perfect for those who need something to do while taking a study break or on the bus. This is a great chance to find the best starter word or hone your skills for when the official Wordle of the day drops. No matter how many clones and different themes you try, nothing can beat the simplicity of Wordle, so this site will give you more of what you love.