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LETTER: Hail the Hero of Tolerance!

Are we supposed to get into the tiki-torch line and engage in “generous listening?"

<p>Reynard platformed by the geese. For educational purposes. BL Royal MS 10E IV fol. 49v</p>

Reynard platformed by the geese. For educational purposes. BL Royal MS 10E IV fol. 49v

So, President Ryan, Provost Baucom and members of the Board of Visitors, which is it? Do “all views, beliefs and perspectives deserve to be articulated and heard, free from interference” or not?

The tiki-torching white supremacists who invaded the Lawn were fans of the Trump-Pence administration. Are their chants covered or are they not? Is “Jews will not replace us! Blood and soil! White lives matter!” welcome speech on the Lawn or is it not?  What good is a statement on free speech that doesn’t tackle these questions directly? Are we supposed to get out into the tiki parade and engage in “generous listening”?

So, “Concerned Faculty,” are you so sure that your disdainful attack on The Cavalier Daily’s editorial — where you say that the editors disrespect civil rights heroes and Ukrainian soldiers by speaking out against the immoralities of Mike Pence — really gets it right? What’s more outrageous — that students stand up for vulnerable members of the University community, or that faculty attack them in print for doing so?

Enthymeme — The first amendment doctrine of free speech does not protect “all views,” and it’s wrong to imply that in statements by officials.

Fact — Pence is world-famous for publicly making hateful, exclusionary, inflammatory statements that appeal to the very worst in our society, as the good research of The Cavalier Daily’s editorial documents — thanks, y’all! Pence has a public record of harmful incitements.

Therefore — Hey, great idea! Let’s give him a free campaign stop where he can look as if he’s supported by Mr. Jefferson! No masks required! If we can get reasonable students and faculty to complain — please don’t claim that an op-ed piece is “interference” — it will make him look like a hero of tolerance!

In support of The Cavalier Daily’s eloquent Editorial Board,

With hearts lacerated by sæva indignatio,

Elizabeth Fowler, English

Allison Bigelow, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese

Dudley Doane, International Studies Office and Summer and Special Academic Programs

David Edmunds, Global Studies

Lisa Goff, English and American Studies

Laura Goldblatt, English

Grace Hale, History and American Studies

Richard Handler, Anthropology

Paul Kershaw, History

Victor Luftig, English

Geeta Patel, Middle Eastern and South Asian Languages and Cultures

Lisa Woolfork, English