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Top 10 places to nap on Grounds

As a self-declared nap enthusiast, I present the best places to catch up on some Z’s

<p>If you don’t want too many people near you and complete silence, then the Clark Library stacks is the place for you.&nbsp;</p>

If you don’t want too many people near you and complete silence, then the Clark Library stacks is the place for you. 

1. Clark cubbies

If you’ve never been to the Brown Science and Engineering Library, then you’re really missing out. To the left of the main floor you’ll find a small handful of cubbies featuring leather chairs and walls to provide privacy. I’ve accidentally fallen asleep in these a handful of times because of how comfortable they are. The spots are limited so I would recommend snagging one outside of the noon to 3 p.m. time frame. These cubbies even have outlets built into the chair so you and your devices can recharge together. 

2. Clem 4 chairs

Funnily enough, my favorite place to study on Grounds is also my favorite place to nap. On the fourth floor of Clemons Library, there are a bunch of comfy leather chairs for students to lounge and study in. If you need a little bit of white noise to fall asleep, then the usual chatter of students working on projects or studying together on this floor will be perfect. And, as a bonus, you will have access to the best bathroom on Grounds — the single bathroom with a heated toilet seat on the same floor. 

3. Nau Hall couches 

In the hallways of Nau and Gibson Hall, there are many couches that would make perfect spots for sleeping between classes. The best part is, you can lay completely flat so long as the whole couch is clear! I personally napped on one of these couches my first year between finals. Since the location isn’t too central to Grounds, you probably won’t find too many people walking down the hallways — making it a nice, quiet place for a quick snooze.

4. New Cabell Basement

While I’ve mainly used the benches and windowsills of New Cabell to nap, the basement has been one of the best places in the entire building. The basement of New Cabell Hall features many small classrooms without windows that you can use if you need complete privacy. With this building being at the center of Grounds, you won’t have to stray too far from your classes — leaving more time for rest. Still, I would recommend checking to make sure the room you are using is not booked for classes or meetings so you don’t risk waking up surrounded by a bunch of strangers. 

5. The Lawn

Now that the weather is getting warmer, many students are flocking to relax on the Lawn. And I’ll be the first to admit that I might have dozed off while trying to get work done for classes. You can bring a blanket and lay in the shade. Just be sure to wear sunscreen if you’re prone to burning like me, else or you might end up with some awkward tan lines if you doze off for too long. Trust me, tan lines from ripped jeans are something to look out for. 

6. Chemistry Building 

I’m not even a chemistry major, but have somehow spent so much time in this building. The Chemistry Building has a good assortment of couches and chairs that you can relax on, with a good amount on the second floor. While it might feel a bit weird since people are usually working on homework or research, the ambiance makes it the perfect spot to switch between work and sleep. This location is close to the School of Engineering and Applied Science and most first-year residence halls, so consider checking this out if you will be close by. 

7. The Amphitheater 

While it still may feel weird to sleep in one of the most bustling places on Grounds, the Amphitheater has everything you could need in a spot to relax at. There is a giant tree that provides shade on the grassy hills that lead down to the seating area. The food trucks are also nearby, which makes this the best place to go into a food coma after enjoying a plate full of dumplings. And since many students meet up and have lunch together here, you can bring your friends to watch your stuff or wake you up when it’s time for class. 

8. Ruffner Hall

I’m not sure what it is about the School of Education, but its buildings always have a comfy vibe. I personally took many naps in this building when I took a class there my first year, and I sometimes still return for the comfy vibe facilitated by the constant presence of print copies of The Cavalier Daily. Walking straight into Ruffner Hall entrance by the bridge over Emmett St. will lead you right to a bunch of couches and chairs. Located near The Castle and old dorms, this spot is convenient for many first years and folks who want to chill after eating some green food. 

9. Clark stacks

If you don’t want too many people near you and complete silence, then the Clark Library stacks are the place for you. I didn’t even know this place existed until last semester because of how hidden it is. This secluded spot is always quiet and features a lot of cool furniture for you to nap on. From egg-shaped chairs to personal desks, this spot provides everything you need to have a productive nap session. This is the perfect place for you to go if the main floor of Brown Library is too busy for you to relax. 

10. New Student Health Building

What better place to practice self-care than a place dedicated to health? The Elson Student Health Center has been open for a few months now, so if you haven’t had the opportunity to check it out, this may be your best option. There are many lounge spaces with comfy couches and chairs, along with reflection rooms for a more private space. This is one space that is specifically designed for students, so don’t feel weird about taking advantage of the brand-new building.