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P.U.M.P.K.I.N. SOCIETY: Spooky Spring 2022

The P.U.M.P.K.I.N. Society honors graduating fourth years

The quality of life at the University is enhanced by those students and administrators who demonstrate a genuine concern for their fellow people, a love of learning, and a love of life. Although our community is composed of many talented people who serve the University, perhaps the most valuable contributions are from those that seek no attention. The P.U.M.P.K.I.N. Society recognizes individuals who enrich the University community through their silent and selfless service.

This past year, the P.U.M.P.K.I.N. Society chose to recognize 31 fourth-year students who went above and beyond for their communities and lead lives of silent and selfless service. We wish to bring a greater focus to their contributions. As such, below we attach a list of these leaders who have enhanced the lives of those around them and the communities that they belong to. Join us in celebration of their accomplishments, which have left and indelible mark on the University community.

  • Abel Liu
  • Ankit Agrawal
  • Annie An
  • Anya Faruki
  • Betsy Macdonnell
  • Brandon Eley
  • Elizabeth Aramayo
  • Emily Kruse
  • Issac Peabody
  • Jamie Staeben
  • Joshua Dano
  • Julia Paraiso
  • Julia Ruth Preston
  • Leigh Kesser
  • Leo Zhang
  • Lily Frautschi
  • Lizzy Lynch
  • Logan Botts
  • Maggie Bujor
  • Magin Sanchez
  • Mia Bailey
  • Mica Villanova
  • Olivia Scheidt
  • Raniyah Majied
  • Raveeno Douglas
  • Rhys Recker
  • Roan Back
  • Rohan Singh
  • Sam Bonde
  • Sarita Mehta
  • Shahira Ali

Gourdially yours, 

P.U.M.P.K.I.N. Society


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