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Honor Committee receives $500 from Society of the Purple Shadows

The Committee met briefly Sunday night before entering into a closed session

The Honor Committee received a visit from the Society of the Purple Shadows and heard public comments from Honor support officers during its second meeting of the new academic year. Nineteen out of 23 members attended the meeting, meaning the group reached quorum.

The meeting began with a visit from the Society of the Purple Shadows, who entered the Trial Room silently adorned in purple cloaks. After handing a letter to Gabrielle Bray, chair of the Committee and fourth-year College student, the three members of the Society retreated. 

The Society of The Purple Shadows was founded in 1963 and is made up of anonymous members. Its central mission is to protect the traditions of the University and the group believes the Honor system is integral to this mission.  

The letter given to Bray reaffirmed the Society’s commitment to University traditions and support of the Honor Committee. To assert this commitment, the Society donated $500 to the Committee. 

“The compelling value of Honor resides in our collective commitment to the community of trust,” Bray read from the letter. “It resides in the faith we place in one another. To demonstrate our sincere commitment to this work, the Society offers a donation in the amount of $500 to the Honor Committee.” 

Following this, the Committee opened up the floor to public comment. Brianna Kamdoum, third-year Commerce student and senior support officer, said she is concerned about the lack of engagement between the support officers and the Committee. Considering how closely related the two groups are, Kamdoum said she feels there should be increased communication between the Committee and the support officers. 

There are roughly 100 support officers who staff cases for the Committee.

“There's very little engagement between support officers and the Committee,” Kamdoum said. “So I was hoping you all could discuss within your plans, some sort of event outing — whatever the case may be — just increase our interactions with one another.” 

John Sun, fourth-year Commerce student and vice-chair for hearings, affirmed Kamdoum’s concern and alluded to plans for the Committee to increase engagement with support officers. 

“There is an idea in the works to establish a regular opportunity for Committee members and support officers to meet together,” Sun said. 

Bray then looked to the representatives for updates, but there were none. The Committee moved into closed session at 7:17 p.m.

The Honor Committee’s next meeting will be held Sunday at 7 p.m. in the Trial Room of Newcomb Hall. 


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