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Top 10 fall must-haves — from clothes to transit apps

Fall essentials to have a cozy, warm and festive season on Grounds

Fall is my favorite season so I will always be prepared with those fall-inspired color palettes.
Fall is my favorite season so I will always be prepared with those fall-inspired color palettes.

10. Pumpkin spice — everything

Fall is nothing if not pumpkin spice lattes and pastries which I greatly enjoy. Maybe pumpkin muffin-flavored Little Bites were always around and I’m clueless, but I got extremely excited when I saw them at Wegmans the other day. The cinnamon flavors are so cozy with the very sudden weather change we’re experiencing, so I’ll leave you with this — give pumpkin spice a chance this season, stay warm and try new things. 

9. First-years, I have a solution — a clothes rack

It’s officially cold enough to bring those winter clothes on Grounds and inside your wardrobe. If you are a first-year, then you already know your dorm closet cannot store both your summer and winter clothes. You may think you have to compromise, but I’m here to tell you  — you don’t. I personally recommend getting a clothing rack. Put your coats and sweaters on it for easy accessibility when you walk out the door and voila — you no longer need to compromise.

8. Bring the oversized sweatshirts out

This is the moment for baggy sweatshirts to shine. They’re easy to throw on and you won’t feel hot when you do. You can style them in so many different ways. I usually feel chilly when I wear just a sweatshirt outside, so I wear layers. A shirt underneath — like a turtleneck or a collared shirt — is a great look and will keep you warm. I’m all about warmth and being cozy when going to class. 

7. Get the neutral fall look

Are you the type of person to dress according to the season? Is your entire closet already filled with orange, brown, burgundy and just everything fall? If not, I suggest you get just a few pieces. Fall is my favorite season so I will always be prepared with those fall-inspired color palettes. Currently, my favorite tops are a brown sweatshirt from Boohoo and an orangish-brown button-up. It feels so cozy. 

6. Beanies over bucket hats

I’ve only recently got into wearing hats again and I am obsessed. It feels odd wearing a cap when it's cold and cloudy outside. Thus, I must wear beanies. They are cute, comfortable and immaculate for the weather. Beanies are affordable and will keep your head warm as the temperature drops in the fall. 

5. It is time we learned how to use the Transloc app

Yes, the Transloc app. I know you probably have it, but have you actually used it or given up like most of us did at first? It’s completely okay if you gave up and now you walk everywhere. Walking is fantastic, but walking in the cold is not as fantastic — take the bus. It is cold outside and it will only get colder. Learn how to use Transloc to the best of your abilities because it will save you on cold, rainy days. 

4. Stylish boots

I don’t own cowboy boots, but I think I should get a pair. Will I actually go through with it? Absolutely not. Nothing against western boots but everyone's style is different. If you’re like me and looking for a different style of boots, my go-tos are midi, knee high and snow boots. Boots are stylish and will keep you warm during the upcoming chilly months.

3. Hot chocolate for the win 

Now, I know hot chocolate is supposed to be a winter thing, but it’s so cold outside already and it's only October. Hot chocolate on cold mornings is everything. I’ve never been a coffee girl so my go-to warm drink is hot chocolate. I associate hot chocolate with rainy days spent indoors with family or friends. When the weather is gloomy, I stay in and get snug with hot chocolate. 

2. Invest in an electric kettle or coffee maker 

This item goes along well with my previous point. In order to make hot chocolate, you need something to make it with. I personally have an electric kettle because ramen cravings hit differently when you’re in college. Electric kettles are great to quickly boil a pot of water to enjoy a variety of drinks and meals. The best part about fall starting — other than whipping out stylish sweaters — is sipping on hot beverages while the temperature dips outside. 

1. The fleece jacket is way better in my opinion 

The teddy fleece jackets are so cute and are a fall essential. They come in distinct styles that cater to a variety of preferences. You can make it casual or dress it up with knee-high boots. I say this is essential because you can throw it on top of a t-shirt and head to class without worrying if you’ll be cold or if you look like you just woke up.