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Top 10 tips to keep in mind while job hunting

Finding a job or internship is a stressful experience, but these tips may help simplify the process

<p>Anna Mason is a Top 10 writer for The Cavalier Daily.</p>

Anna Mason is a Top 10 writer for The Cavalier Daily.

1. Don’t limit yourself to one location

Don’t be afraid to apply for jobs away from where your original plan. Immediately after college is a great time to move somewhere new and make new friends. I spent last summer in a new state for an internship that I would have never been able to find if I was limiting myself to one location. I had so much fun living somewhere new and was able to keep my job and work remotely from school for the same company. 

2. Apply to a variety of jobs

One of the most important lessons I have learned while looking for jobs is that a degree can qualify you for many different types of jobs. It is a great idea to do some research into what you may be interested in doing after graduation and how many different types of jobs you could be qualified for. I never imagined that a degree in public health would allow me to work in policy, health insurance, nonprofits and so many more industries.

3. Network, network, network

Networking isn’t just something you do at conferences or job fairs with hiring managers — it is a constantly ongoing process. Networking includes talking to your friends from the University who have already graduated and are working. You never know where a connection can take you, and I have learned so much from my alumni friends about their jobs and moving to a new city — things I wouldn’t know if I had not asked them about their new experiences. 

4. Use any resources available early​​

The University has some great resources, from application help to resume reviews and editing. I personally did not take advantage of the resources here early enough and it is something I regret — I really wish I had taken advantage of the interview practice sessions to better prepare for the types of questions asked during interviews. While the questions are not job specific, they provide you a starting point for any research or other preparation you need to do before an interview. 

5. Create a LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is one of the best platforms to use while you are job hunting. I have followed some of the companies that I would be interested in working for and they frequently post information both about their company and their open positions. LinkedIn is set up in a way that employers can search for potential candidates and your profile will be included in the search results based on keywords or criteria. With LinkedIn, you can find potential employers and employers can find you.

6. Build relationships with your professors

You can learn so much from our professors’ experiences and professors that know you can help you with references or letters of recommendation. While in classes at the University, take the time to attend office hours and talk to your professors. Chatting with my professors has enabled me to build a stronger relationship and allow them to know me too. It is very important to ask your professors for recommendations early to make sure they have enough time to complete the recommendation at their own pace.

7. Keep your resume updated

This is a simple one, but I forget to do it. Any new skills, activities and experiences you gain from your time at the University can help inform potential employers of what types of jobs you could do. In addition to updating your resume with jobs, keeping it updated with the extracurriculars you participate in is just as important.

8. Follow up

This is a big one — in order to stand apart from the crowds of people applying for jobs online, follow up. Offering a personal thank you email after an interview or following up if you haven’t heard back can keep your name on their mind and will show them how interested you are. I followed up with my Human Resource representative this summer and she informed me about a position I hadn’t applied for that I ended up receiving. I would not have known about this other position if I hadn’t reached out. 

9. Be prepared

This goes for anything. Be sure to research the company you’re applying to and update and individualize your resumes and cover letters. Be prepared for interview-style questions and be prepared to step outside of your comfort zone while you’re job hunting. I know that it’s a long process, but it will all work out.

10. Don’t give up

Applying to jobs and internships is an exhausting process. I personally applied for over 30 internships my third-year and not hearing back was very discouraging. Especially with online portals, it often feels as though you’re submitting your resume and name into a void with little hope that you’ll hear back. As much as it is hard to do, you can’t give up. Even if you don’t receive a position right away, you can learn so much about the hiring process and interview practice is always valuable.