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Riley Walsh

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Placing the responsibility on University students to care for themselves when an emergency arises is not enough
Thomas Jefferson does not need defense.
It feels as though a lack of thought and consideration has been put into dealing with student concerns and addressing fears as well as a physical time delay in reporting.
"Before we rip our monuments down — a process which I am all for in many cases — we should pause for a moment and think about what they can teach us."
An analysis of the current safety measures demonstrates a wide variety of issues, from a lack of adequate transportation to a narrow range of ambassador zones.
Financial aid does a good job of getting people in the doors, however, it does little to combat the inequality that exists amongst the lives of students here at the University.
A man who owned and raped his fellow human beings should not be honored with a day of remembrance or even statues in the middle of campus.

For students staying in the Charlottesville area, U.Va already limits in-person gatherings to 10 people — a policy it has enforced since Oct. 13.

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