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Top 10 New Year’s resolutions that you will be excited to keep

Free yourself from the burden of suffocating New Year’s resolutions — these will only add to your life, not deprive it.

On your journey to listen to more music in 2023, explore the premade playlists Spotify creates based on your listening history — you just might stumble across a new favorite song.
On your journey to listen to more music in 2023, explore the premade playlists Spotify creates based on your listening history — you just might stumble across a new favorite song.

Now that 2023 is in full swing, it is easy to feel like your intentions for the new year have already fizzled out. Perhaps many of your resolutions require an intense amount of change, which is not only unreasonable but also uninspiring. Here is a fresher take on New Year’s resolutions — contrary to popular belief, you can resolve to have a brighter, happier, more comforting and more indulgent year. 

1. Listen to more music

Why not fill your day with as much of your favorite music as possible? I know that I love listening to music while I’m commuting and studying. Nevertheless, I think there is always room to listen to more music and a wider variety of artists. On your journey to listen to more music in 2023, explore the premade playlists Spotify creates based on your listening history — you just might stumble across a new favorite song.

2. Enjoy those extra few minutes in bed 

Stereotypically, New Year’s resolutions emphasize waking up early. While I do believe there is merit in tackling your day — which often means dragging yourself out of bed early — I think there is undeniable joy in letting yourself sleep in. I know I like to savor extra time in bed on weekends, or take a mid-afternoon nap. Regardless of your strategy, I say we all deserve some extra cozy time in 2023.

3. Remember that enjoying your favorite foods is not evil  

I am a proud foodie — Saturday morning coffee with a chocolate croissant? Divine. A turkey sandwich on French bread with tomato, avocado and pickles? Count me in. Rocky road ice cream? My mouth is already watering. I think we can all agree that indulging in our favorite foods is a highlight of the human experience. Go take a bite of your favorite bagel order — I’ll always join you.

4. Embrace the JOMO 

You are likely familiar with “FOMO”, which is the “fear of missing out.” This unsettling feeling leaves my mind spinning. Thankfully, there is “JOMO” — the “joy of missing out” — to counter the evil plague of FOMO. Let’s lean into JOMO this year by focusing on what brings us happiness and contentment. If you honor what makes you happy — even if it does not align with what others are doing — you really cannot be missing out on anything.

5. Expand your definition of exercise 

Stiff definitions of what it means to exercise are seriously so 2022. In fact, incorporating movement into your life in the name of pursuing fitness can be fun — and it does not just have to be the monotony of hitting the treadmill. Taking a walk around Grounds with your friends is most definitely exercise — have you seen the inclines around here? Even playing Just Dance is a workout. There is no need to beat yourself up for not becoming a fitness influencer overnight.

6. Find enthusiasm for a new hobby — whatever “hobby” means to you 

Don’t let New Year’s resolutions trick you into believing you have to become an expert at something to derive joy from it. I encourage you to find a new hobby this year. You could learn to crochet, decide to do a paint-by-numbers in your free time or you could simply decide that your ideal hobby is going to the movies more often. Regardless, making a commitment to incorporating fun into your life is a win.

7. Reward yourself for your own accomplishments

I love receiving positive feedback in all areas of my life — from my professors, friends and family. The unfortunate reality is that other people will not always congratulate you for your hard work or give you a much-needed word of encouragement. The good news is that you can do this for yourself. Made it through the first week of classes? Buy yourself your favorite latte. Studied your hardest for an exam? Celebrate with a bouquet of flowers from Trader Joe’s.

8. Finally wear that fun outfit

You know that one outfit I am referring to — the one that you have wanted to wear but feel like you have no appropriate occasion to wear it for. Or, it might be an outfit you love but fear other people will not share the same admiration for it. It is 2023 — wear the outfit. You deserve to express yourself in the freest and truest form, which starts with wearing an outfit that feels like a big slay — even if you just wear it to the grocery store.

9. Unfollow social media accounts that do not add positivity to your life

This is something that I aspired to do for a while, but truthfully have never gotten around to. While we all can say that we would like to spend less time scrolling social media this year, I know that it ultimately is not entirely practical for me. A better strategy to improve my relationship with social media is keeping stricter boundaries with the type of content I consume. If an Instagram account consistently makes me compare myself to others — making me feel that my life is boring or I don’t look good enough in my favorite outfit —  it is most definitely time to unfollow.

10. Resolve to put your mental health first this year 

Embarking on a brand new year and semester can feel intimidating and daunting. It is easy to let New Year’s resolutions dissolve as the chaos of life picks back up, but if there is one resolution you should work diligently on, it is this one. In 2023, focus on being your own biggest supporter — prioritize your mental health, reach out for help when you need it and cheer for your own wins. I will be here cheering for you, too. 


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