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From the archives: Sept. 25 – Oct. 1

This week: Presidential visits, parking woes and first dates

This Week: Presidential visits, parking woes and first dates 


September 30, 1953

“Physics Building Costs $1,000,000”

By Ed Noel

The Physics Building, which is currently undergoing renovations, was under construction in the early 50s. Plans for the space were outlined in this article, which promised the building would be “one of the finest in the country”.


September 29, 1960

"'Cavalier Daily' Opens New Staff Darkroom”

By Robert Burke

Photo by La Force Photo

The Cavalier Daily would soon be filled with higher quality images after unveiling their new, shiny darkroom equipment and expanding their photography staff.


September 27, 1978

“Parking Situation Critical”

By Don Richardson

Photo by Rob Shutler

In this opinion piece, a student complains about the lack of parking spots on Grounds and calls for a boycott of the expensive parking meters. His words echo many of the complaints heard around Grounds today. Perhaps times have not changed all that much!


September 29, 1989

“Bush delivers convocation, stresses unity”

By Jennifer Bermant

Photo by Lyle Sinrod

During his first year as president, George H.W. Bush visited the University to host a nonpartisan Education Summit alongside all 50 United States governors, including Bill Clinton, who was governor of Arkansas at the time.


September 27, 1995

“The University’s Dress Code?”

By Leonard McCants

Photos by Steve Finnie, Rhonda Gill, and Valerie Simmons


September 28, 2009

“Love Connection”

By Jordan Hart

In this charming and slightly awkward piece, two participants go on a blind date and recount their experience.


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