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From the archives: Oct. 2 – Oct. 8

This week: inaugurations, apples and Appalachia


October 8, 1959

“A Part Of A Mountain Path’

By Roger Stafford

Back in 1959, the University Outing Club maintained a 16 mile portion of the Appalachian Trail, stretching from Rockfish Gap to Elk Mountain near Humpback Rocks. The club would take many trips into the great outdoors to ensure the trail remained clear and in good condition.


October 6, 1961

“Rotunda Clock Is Bulletproof; Once Target Of Rifle Practice”

No Author

This article teaches a little-known piece of University lore — in the late 19th century, marksmen used to station themselves at present-day Old Dorms and aim for the clock at the top of the original Rotunda, only to find it was bulletproof! However, the clock was not fireproof, as it was later damaged in the 1895 fire.


October 2, 1975

“Lack of social, cultural programs causes alienation”

By Jim Reagen

The University began to desegregate in the 1950s, but according to this article from 1975, Black students felt isolated here due to a lack of community and socialization. With the Supreme Court’s reversal of affirmative action this past summer, the University has considered practices dedicated towards protecting minority populations and fostering diversity on Grounds. 


October 2, 1985

“Presidents remembered”

By Scott Reid

Illustration by Mike Ryan

The sixth president in University history, Robert O’Neil, was inaugurated in 1985. In honor of the ceremony, The Cavalier Daily published a cover story about previous presidents, a position Thomas Jefferson did not endorse.


October 3, 1990

“Sure cure for insomnia”

By Stacy Wray

Photo by Brady Darvin

The Blue Room, a study room in Newcomb Hall, used to be notorious for lulling students to sleep with its blue walls and comfy seating. Evidently, drool and snoring were common annoyances in the Blue Room!


October 3, 2006

“How do you like them apples?”

By Lindsey Wagner

Since the 1970s, the Chiles family has owned and operated an apple orchard on Carter Mountain. This article from 2006 details the spectacular view and the novelty of apple picking. Nowadays, 17 years later, the orchard is more popular than ever after introducing their weekly Sunset Series event!


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