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From the archives: Oct. 23 – Oct. 29

This week: Rotunda fire, Jimmy Carter’s jogathon and a haunted house


October 26, 1951

“Quadrangle Fraternities Absolved From Blame In Saturday Disturbance”

By Curt Bazemore

While ticketing some illegally parked cars near several fraternity houses, which welcomed many visitors on the weekends, policemen endured “wise-cracking” and even had bottles thrown at them, though they could not identify a perpetrator.


October 27, 1965

“Anniversary of Rotunda Fire Today”

By John Levin

On the anniversary of the Great Fire of 1895, this article details the lengths University students and staff went to in order to save important paintings, books, and even a marble statue of Thomas Jefferson. At the time, writings reveal that the Rotunda was deemed “the central ornament of our great University” and its loss was mourned as if it were a “departed friend.”


October 23, 1979

“Presidential presence may kick off jogathon”

By Susan Kelty and Jim Nehring

Illustration by Peggy Martin

October 29, 1979

“Jogathon a success; politicos get creamed”

By Patricia Dodge

Photo by Jim Holmes

The United Way Jogathon, sponsored by WUVA and the Barracks Road Association, was hoping to draw Jimmy Carter into Charlottesville. While the President didn’t end up showing face, a jogger wearing a Jimmy Carter mask did, and the community event was a success.


October 28, 1983

“Burrs lay haunt to rest” 

By Kim Herbel

Photo by Bill Skenderis

A professor at the University, Dr. Horace Burr, recounts the ghostly occurrences that took place in his old home, which once was the residence of James Monroe. The Burrs often heard strange noises and crying just before dawn. After some digging, they learned the tragic story of a young mother who once lived and died there.


October 25, 2004

“The ‘V’ is for…”

By Jessica Van Atta

Back in 2004, lifestyle and culture publication V Magazine distributed its inaugural issue. Christopher Miles, the founder of V Magazine, says the magazine’s mission is “to teach U.Va. how to look better, play harder and live happier.” Nowadays, V Mag is headed by talented creatives and has recently launched a new website.


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