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From the archives: Nov. 13 – Nov. 19

This week: jazz legend performs, AIDS Awareness Week and the Thanksgiving break debate


November 18, 1955

“Bud Powell To Present Jazz Recital Next Week”

No Author

Famous for being one of the first pianists to play in a bebop style, jazz artist Bud Powell and his trio performed on Grounds in November 1955. Hosted by the University Jazz Society, students could attend the concert for only $1.50.


November 18, 1964

“Extensive Search Begins for Rotunda Bell”

By Jim Lewis

The original Rotunda bell, which was cracked in 1866 when students filled it with water which then froze overnight, was considered lost for eight years. This article tells the story of the bell’s history and of the ever-faithful “Uncle Henry” who rang the bell daily for 53 years. Never fear — the bell was discovered in the basement of Clark Hall the week following this article’s publication!


November 19, 1970

“Officials Clean Up Bath Tub Mess”

By Steve Johnson

Photo by Frank Maner

A group of students living in Courtenay House were ordered to remove a bathtub they had picked up as home decor from the Charlottesville Lumber Yard. The tub, which “had become an integral part of [their] lives," was deemed a safety hazard and an “inappropriate piece of furniture."


November 13, 1987

“Condom Awareness Day successful”

By Chaz Repak

During AIDS Awareness Week at the University, Peer Sexuality Educators held a third-annual Condom Awareness Day in order to educate students about the importance of safer sex. The host organizations stressed that the conversation shouldn’t be considered taboo. Despite the first cases of AIDs in the United States being reported in 1981, the epidemic would not be mentioned publicly by President Reagan until September 1985.


November 17, 1999

“Streakers face undefined consequences”

By Nicola M. White

Photo by Jonathon Kwon

Though most streakers go unpunished, there have been multiple students charged with public indecency over the years. This article specifically warns education majors away from the practice, insisting that any streaking-related charge on their record would harm their chances of being hired to teach in schools.


November 19, 2007

“Students criticize shorter Thanksgiving Break”

By Matt Dickey

Illustration by Alex Cutler

In 2007, Thanksgiving break was shortened from a full week off to just three days. Students argue that the change is unfair to out-of-state students, who need to travel further in order to see their families. It also proves to be ineffective, since many professors cancel classes anyway. 


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