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From the archives: Nov. 20 – Nov. 26

This week: Thanksgiving hunt, Cavaliers win and Full Court Miracle


November 25, 1953

“How to Catch A Turkey: Birds Use Foul Play In Chase; Fast Flight of Fowls Is Unexpected”

By Karl B. Knust, Jr.

In this humorous, Thanksgiving-themed article, readers are instructed on how to properly catch a wild turkey of their own. The author recommends speed and strength in numbers, but warns that ultimately, you will not succeed and should just buy your turkey at the grocery store.


November 20, 1962

“Christmas Charity Campaign To Begin”

No Author

The University Union hosted a charity campaign with the goal of raising $2,500 for various causes. The central theme and use of funds in 1962? Fighting communism.


November 22, 1974

“Tennis Pro Hangs Racket On The Corner”

By Debbie Levy

Carl Rohmann led a very full and fulfilling life — he taught the University tennis team for 23 years, owned the University Sports Shop on the Corner and often took to the air as a glider pilot. In this interview with him, he teaches the importance of designing a life you enjoy.


November 21, 1988

“President-elect Bush pays visit to U.Va.”

By Mark Stencel

George H. W. Bush met with state governors in the Rotunda, where he remarked on the “spectacular setting.” Bush made it clear that, as president, he intends to work with the governors in order to provide for the needs of the states. He also briefly met with student leaders who commented on how friendly he was.


November 21, 1994

“Cavs defy swoon, rip Hokies, 42-23”

By Shawn Cox

Under the leadership of Coach George Welsh, Virginia Football handily defeated Virginia Tech 42-23 in their annual showdown. Want to help defeat Tech this year? Donate to The Cavalier Daily's fundraising campaign, and hopefully history will repeat itself for Saturday’s game!


November 21, 2003

“Documenting a miracle”

By Elizabeth Chan

Lamont Carr, the first African-American basketball player to graduate from the University, was the subject of a Disney Channel Original Movie, “Full Court Miracle.” The movie focuses around Carr working as a basketball coach at a Jewish Academy for young boys. Carr appreciates the movie’s portrayal of him, emphasizing how basketball can connect and unite people.


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