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From the archives: Nov. 6 – Nov. 12

This week: comic strips, Poe stories and fourth-year fifth


November 7, 1958

“Despair, Despair, Despair”

By Al Carlson

Taking up a full two pages in the Cavalier Daily, this comic strip tells the story of our ever-changing University, as well as the push-back and pressures that often come with advancement. By graduation, University students at long last learned their lesson — if they want to have a say in the world around them, they must be active participants in their community. 


November 11, 1966

“‘His Songs Ring Out Across The Lawn’...”

By D. Alex Upton

An employee of the Buildings and Grounds Division, William “Captain” Vest was well-known around Grounds for his crooning of Gospel songs while he worked. In this interview, Vest is quoted as saying, “I try to do something good, and then the next time I try to do it just a little bit better.” What lovely words to live by!


November 6, 1972

“Shannon Calls Coeducation Decade’s Significant Event”

By John Epps

In an annual report to the University’s Rectors and Board of Visitors, University President Edgar Shannon describes how enrollment more than doubled in the years since 1960, with significant efforts made towards equality for minority students. Despite the University’s expansion, however, Shannon affirms that quality of education is still of the utmost concern. The report also notes a few of the buildings built in the past decade, such as Gilmer Hall, Wilson Hall and the Alderman Road dormitories.


November 6, 1981

“Poe Weekend”

By Wayne Rutman

Illustration by Constantine Hannaher

The University Guide Service used to dress up in 19th-century costumes to give tours about Edgar Allen Poe’s time at the University. During a fireside chat in Poe’s previous room at 13 West Range, visitors were regaled with stories about Poe’s fist fights, gambling habits and fondness for peach brandy.


November 6, 1997

“Moving beyond fourth-year fifth”

By Michael Ludwick

Illustration by Jodey Felts

Michael Ludwick, who was the president of the fourth-year class at the time of this article’s publication, wrote this “Viewpoint” letter about the dangers of over-drinking. Ludwick, who had recently lost a friend to alcohol abuse, warns students away from participating in the traditional "fourth-year fifth."


November 6, 2002

“Saddle Up”

By Laura Good

Photos by Laura Good and Alexis Day

Charlottesville Area Riding Therapy is a nonprofit organization that offers disabled children and adults the chance to learn how to ride horseback. Not only do the riders have a lot of fun with their horse, but it is also a form of physical and mental therapy. Through Madison House, University students can volunteer to assist with the therapy by helping the riders onto the horse and walking beside them. 


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